The 5 Best Road Trips in the United States

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Want to have a spontaneous vacation? Road trips are one of the best ways to escape without having to do a ton of planning. You have two options! Use Limo Find, if your group is large and you don’t want to drive. Or, just get in your car and go! There’s nothing like driving on an open highway and enjoying the company of your loved ones. If you think a trip may be in your future, keep this list of the best road trips in the U.S. handy. You won’t regret it!

1. Blue Ridge Parkway

Start to End: Virginia to North Carolina

Distance: 469 miles

This picturesque road trip takes you through mountains and lush forests, showcasing some of the best the east coast has to offer. You’ll get to drive through both the Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There are many beautiful sights to see along the way—the speed limit is 45 mph and The Parkway does not allow big trucks, so you’ll be sure to get a glimpse of all the beautiful scenery along the way.

2. California’s Pacific Coast Highway

Start to End: Monterey, CA to San Diego, CA

Distance: 123 miles

Looking to explore California? The Pacific Coast Highway is a wonderful way to do so. Route 1 goes along the majority of the state and provides wonderful views of the ocean. You’ll go through Big Sur, wine country, mountains, and so much more! South to north or north to south, you’re sure to experience the trip of a lifetime.

3. Great River Road

Start to End: Minnesota to Louisiana

Distance: 3,000 miles

Following the course of the Mississippi River, the Great River Road is one of the most scenic road trips in America. It extends through 10 states and numerous river towns. If you have the time and feel like doing a lot of driving, you can do the whole 3,000 miles in one go. Otherwise, you can break it up into sections—try going from Wisconsin to Iowa or Memphis to New Orleans. Plus, travelers never have to worry about getting lost. The Pilot’s Wheel road signs denote the designated roads and highways that will take you along the scenic Great River Road.

4. Million Dollar Highway

Start to End: Silverton, CO to Ouray, CO

Distance: 305 miles

This section of U.S. Highway 550 twists its way through two historic gold-mining towns, climbing two miles above sea level and providing passengers gorgeous sights. You’ll get to experience mountains and valleys on this drive—not to mention narrow shelf roads and steep drop-offs. The high altitude is probably one of the best parts of this road trip, so if you’re someone who is afraid of heights, make sure to keep on breathing!

5. Overseas Highway

Start to End: Miami, FL to Key West

Distance: 120 miles

If you love the water and you aren’t afraid of bridges, then the Overseas Highway is a road trip you should plan to take in the near future. As you drive above the ocean, you’ll get to stop at various seafood dives and tourist traps. This road trip also has a lot of history; the route used to be the Florida East Coast Railway, but a huge hurricane wiped most of it out. You can still see some of the original bridges on your drive. The trip is stunning—you won’t want to miss it!

As fun as it is to admire the world around you during a road trip, it’s still imperative that you pay attention while you’re out on the road. There are many ways to become distracted while driving, and during the summer months, this can be even more likely and dangerous. Remain aware of your surroundings and stay safe—it’ll make for a much more enjoyable road trip!

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