The 4 Top Road Hazards for Drivers To Know About

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Contrary to popular belief, knowing how to operate a vehicle properly is only one part of being a safe driver. In fact, most of the dangers of driving result from failing to anticipate and respond to the potential hazards around us. So if you want to increase your safety on the road, you first need to understand what to look out for. These are the four top road hazards for drivers to know about and how to protect yourself from them.


From adults taking a casual walk to children at play, pedestrians are everywhere, and it’s your responsibility to avoid them. Some of the most devastating accidents are the result of a driver failing to see a passerby. Staying alert when you’re on a particularly busy road will be the key to saving a person’s life and protecting yourself from the aftermath.


Large semi-trucks are also a common hazard. These vehicles can weigh thousands of pounds at full capacity and are devastating to any car they hit. Use extra caution when driving near them, and familiarize yourself with how to file a lawsuit after a truck wreck just in case. This way, you’re ready for even the worst-case scenario.


Another vital road hazard for drivers to know about is the presence of local wildlife. In more rural areas, animals can jump out in front of your car with little warning. And the larger they are, the more likely you are to sustain injuries upon hitting them. As such, make sure you keep your eyes on the road at all times—especially when driving at night—to increase the amount of time you have to react to them and improve your odds of effectively maneuvering around them.

Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers pose a risk as well. In fact, they’re responsible for the majority of reported car accidents every year. Distracted driving could be doing anything from using their phones to eating behind the wheel, and drivers can’t react appropriately when in the middle of these actions. Keep a safe distance from the driver in front of you so that you have time to avoid a collision when necessary.

Looking out for these hazards and knowing how to respond to them is crucial to maintaining your safety and that of everyone around you. So don’t pass up a chance to stay informed.

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