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A new study by Uswitch reveals which landmarks have the strongest cellular signal and internet connection available. 

Using cellular strength and Wi-Fi availability, Uswitch were able to rank landmarks across the globe by which has the best connection.

Whether you want crystal clear quality for your Zoom meetings or just want to work anywhere in the world, having a fast internet speed is an essential part of working remotely!

But which landmarks have the best connection?

The Great Wall of China is the worst connected landmark 

China might take the top spot of the countries with the most mobile numbers in use. Despite this, The Great Wall of China ranks the worst on our list of connected landmarks. 

Using a VPN in China is essential if you want to avoid the country’s strict internet censorship laws. The Great Firewall of China is a system that block internet users from accessing certain websites.

If you’re traveling to China, make sure you have a VPN on your device so you can access the internet freely. For a great list of top vpn services, you can check software review sites like Truely.

Visitors will get around 2Mbps of cellular data when visiting The Great Wall of China which is shocking in comparison to the average internet speed in the country is 148Mpbs.  To put this into perspective this is enough for a whole family to stream on 6 devices at the same time in Ultra-HD. 

Best connected landmarks 

RankLandmark     Internet (Mbs)     INDEX – Internet     Free Wi-Fi in the city
1     Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco     6713
2     Statue of Liberty: New York     3323
3     Sydney Opera House: Sydney     3233
4     The Eiffel Tower: Paris     3142
5     La Sagrada Familia: Barcelona, Spain     3142
6     The Grand Palace: Bangkok     2463
7     Buckingham Palace: London     2373

Worst connected landmarks

RankLandmarkInternet (Mbs)INDEX – InternetFree Wi-Fi in the city
18     Blue Mosque: Istanbul10172
19     Angkor: Siem Reap, Cambodia8193
20     Petra: Petra, Jordan8193
21     Taj Mahal: Agra, India7212
22The Great Pyramid of Giza: Cairo, Egypt5222
23     Victoria Falls: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe3231
24     The Great Wall of China: China2242

Discover the full list here.

The Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House, and Eiffel Tower all take the lead of the most connected landmarks on our list. With an abundance of free WiFi and some of the fastest 4G in the world, it’s not hard to see why these interconnected cities take the top 4 spots on our list. This means you’ll be able to pick the perfect filter in seconds and video call your colleagues with a crystal clear picture.

The Golden Gate Bridge is the best-connected landmark

The Golden Gate Bridge has been ready for its close-up since it was first built in 1933, you can see why this stunning landmark takes the number one spot. Whether you set up your laptop from Baker Beach, Battery Spencer, or Hawk Hill you’ll have no issues working remotely thanks to the internet speeds of 67Mbps and the wealth of free Wi-Fi available

The Golden City is known for having the fastest 5G connection in the world meaning you’ll be able to give all your colleagues the ultimate FOMO with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background of your Microsoft Teams meetings.

Working outside of Buckingham Palace has never been easier

Over 50,000 people visit Buckingham Palace every year in hopes to catch a glimpse of  Her Royal Highness. London is one of the most connected cities and has one of the best 5G networks across the globe. Despite this, the palace ranks in 7th place on our list with internet speeds of 23Mbps.  If you’re a lover of Royal’s what better place to set up for the day than outside of this iconic landmark?

Bangkok beats Paris and Barcelona for free Wi-Fi available

The city of Bangkok is full of rich history, culture, and architectural beauty. A visit to The Grand Palace is at the top of tourists’ bucket lists for a reason. The Grand Palace might be one of the oldest landmarks in our top 10 but this doesn’t stop the strength of the cellular signal available at this historic landmark. 

Interestingly, the free Wi-Fi available in Bangkok beats The Eiffel Tower and The Sagrada Familia which were both ranked above The Grand Palace. Thailand has been a leader in 4G in Asia and over half of the country is set to have access to 5G.  The free Wi-FI available and strong connection is fast enough to meet any pressing deadline whilst taking in the beauty of the city.

If you’re counting down the days until your next vacation, it is important to consider how to get the most of your mobile when travelling abroad

  • Check if you are likely to incur roaming charges
  • Download offline maps of the area you are visiting
  • Load up on travel apps
  • Protect your phone and its contents
  • Make sure you can charge your phone quickly and easily

Catherine Hiley, mobiles expert at, commented: “If the past year has taught us anything, it’s how fast we can adapt to remote working. While it might be impractical to work from tourist attractions, remote working does offer more opportunities for employees to escape the traditional 9 to 5 office lifestyle and work from around the world,

“Our study looks at which of these iconic landmarks has the most accessible internet speed, and where it’ll be easier to stay connected when remote working abroad”

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