Signs It’s Time To Replace an RV Battery

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Your RV battery is an essential component of your home on the road. The battery powers your lights, appliances, and other essentials. As many RVs utilize multiple batteries to hold an additional charge and one to keep it running as a vehicle, it’s crucial to look for the signs that it’s time to replace an RV battery. Read on to discover the symptoms of an RV battery issue to watch out for.

Holding Shorter Charges Than Normal

As batteries get older, one of the most common problems is that they can’t hold a charge the way they used to. Many batteries can only take so many charges, so when you start to notice your batteries that could last for the entire weekend are struggling by Sunday morning, it may be time to look into replacements.

When the Battery Is Old

Even if you don’t use your battery regularly, age takes a natural toll on how well your battery performs. When a battery is over 5 years old, it won’t serve as well as a new one. It’s worth checking to see how well the battery performs before throwing it out, but the odds are it won’t have the power and charge capabilities you need after so long.

Listen for Sounds of Corrosion

Odd sounds are a common sign that it’s time to replace an RV battery. It’s common for batteries to start making clicking sounds or clunking noises. The cause of these sounds is the plates in the battery separating, a common side effect of overcharging a battery. Other factors like extreme temperatures may affect the battery plates as well.

It’s always a good idea to monitor when you change the batteries in your RV and take good care of them. After so many years or charges, batteries just don’t perform as well as they used to. When the time comes to change your battery out, we recommend recycling your lithium batteries. Many battery companies offer benefits and discounts on replacements when you trade them in.

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