Run Away to 12 Bewitching Under-the-Radar European Islands

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Soak up the sunshine at an island full of wonder and treasure. Europe is already full of exquisite views and unique experiences. However, these stunning yet under-the-radar European islands often go overlooked—we list a few of our favorite, here!

12 Bewitching Under-the-Radar European Islands

1.      Faroe Islands

Faroe IslandsDenmark

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Streymoy is the largest of the 18 islands that make up the Faroe archipelago—you won’t want to miss this. Connected by tunnels, ferries, and bridges, you can easily visit all of these islands!

2.      Lopud Island

Lopud Island CroatiaCroatia

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This car-less island is one you need to see. It’s perfect for a day-trip of either beaching or exploring medieval ruins. Rent some bikes and spend your time exploring all the beauty this island has to offer.


3.      Paros

Paros GreeceGreece

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Forget Santorini and Mykonos; Paros is the unsung beauty of the Cyclades archipelago. It has everything you want—from cobblestone streets, beautiful beaches, and traditional fishing villages to whitewashed houses and centered mansions that overlook the area. You’ll love relaxing here!

4.      Pantelleria

Pantelleria ItalyItaly

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Not a fan of hanging out in the sand? At Pantelleria you get stunning ocean views without the sandy shore—this sunbaked rocky area is beautiful. Snorkel in secluded coves, relax in hot springs and take in all the glory this small island has to offer.

5.      Azores Islands

Azores Islands PortugalPortugal

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If you’re not interested in hanging out on the beach and would rather explore, Pico (the chain’s second largest island) has many adventures to choose from, including hiking, climbing, and exploring the vineyards sheltered by boulders.

6.      Ponza

Ponza ItalyItaly

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We all know that Italy is full of breath-taking sights, but the undiscovered island of Ponza is a tranquil getaway. The pink and yellow houses with winding pathways make for a romantic and calming island.


7.      Åland Islands

Aland Islands FinlandFinland

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People inhabit only 60 of around 6,700 islands in Finland’s Åland archipelago, making it a great place for you to escape the hustle and bustle of Europe. Here, island-hopping is easy, and there’s so much to see—from beaches to 14th-century castles and adorable villages.

8.      Isle of Mull

Isle of Mull ScotlandScotland

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History is rich and abounding on this island—here you’ll find Castle Duart, the 800-year-old ancestral home of Clan MacLean. Main town Tobermory captures brightly painted buildings on the waterfront and numerous independent businesses to visit.

9.      Kastellorizo

Kastellorizo GreeceGreece

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There are so many unbelievable sites to see at this arid and rocky island; one of which is the cathedral-like Blue Grotto—a sea cavern you can only get to by lying flat on a boat. If you’re looking for Greek culture without all the people, this is the place for you.

10.  Muhu

Muhu EstoniaEstonia

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Looking to transport yourself back to the simpler times of the Middle Ages? The isle Muhu has charming thatched roof cottages and working windmills; the mild climate and lime-rich soil make it a haven for nature enthusiasts.

11.  Vega Island

Vega Island NorwayNorway

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The UNESCO-protected islands of Vega are just south of the arctic circle and hold a whopping 6,500 different islands. The fjords of the main island draw in various people, whether that be bird-watchers, hikers, or relaxer alike.

12.  Rügen

Rugen GermanyGermany

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When you think of Germany’s landscape, beaches probably don’t come to mind—that’s what makes Rügen so incredible. This island is full of activities and beauty, perfect for those relaxed explorers. There are so many mesmerizing things to see on this island!

If any of these lovely islands caught your eye, start saving! There’s no time like the present to appease your travel bug–enjoy all that these islands have to offer.

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