Roam London Right In 2019 Using These Travel Books

Where and what to see when in the great city of London.

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London, the former capital for the empire where the sun never sets, and still the capital of the Kingdom that succeeded. You can expect London to be a Metropolis that is packed with landmarks and activities to enjoy 24 hours for an entire week.

Besides its legendary nightlife, London has attractive and varied places to spare. Immerse yourself in the culturally diverse Camden neighborhood and its immense culinary variety, take a lift to the top of The Shard building and enjoy the view, become enthralled by the architectural beauty of Westminster and the Buckingham Palace, or simply admire the beauty of Hyde Park.

Don’t you doubt London has something for you, learn to navigate it properly by consulting with these travel books so you can really get the bang out of your buck in your tour of the city.

#1 Metropolis at War: London by Larry W. Waterfield

The Metropolis at War: London by Larry W. Waterfield travel product recommended by Ryan Kenna on Lifney.

This book covers the years of terror and death faced by the metropolis of London during World War II. This is about the city and its people, not about war strategies, generals and politicians, although historical currents flowed through the city during the war. The city expected to be invaded. It was subject to starvation. It was bombed during a two-year period.

Later, it was the first great city subjected to on-going rocket and missile attacks, including the V-2 Rocket, forerunner of the intercontinental ballistic missile. While terror rained down, the people of the city carried on with their lives, fought back, organized resistance and worked on ways to defeat the enemy. Film studios cranked out movies, theaters continued with shows.

People lived and loved, even as others died in the bomb and rocket attacks. Spies and counterspies worked in the city. New nations were in the throes of birth, including Israel, India, and Pakistan. Exiles from dozens of nations flocked to the city. In the end, the city—and nation—survived and went on to thrive. Compared to those days, the “terror” threat of today seems far less menacing.

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#2 My Northern Adventure by Edwin Henning

The My Northern Adventure by Edwin Henning travel product recommended by Ryan Kenna on Lifney.

Edwin and his parents were bombed out of their house in Southampton in 1940. This triggered a series of events which led them to move to a village outside the city nearer his mother’s sister. Just weeks later, seventeen-year-old Edwin moved with the shipping company he worked for, The Union Castle Shipping Line, to Liverpool.

At least once a week he wrote a letter home to his mother describing his life in Liverpool – his lodgings, working life, food, traveling, and his musical interests etc. The letters also highlight his concerns for family and friends in the light of heavy bombing in both Southampton and Totton. Despite his young age, Edwin shines through as a very focused and determined young man. The power of his descriptions in the letters allows the reader to experience his life in a very different place to that for which his upbringing had prepared him.

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#3 Secret London – An Unusual Guide by Rachel Howard

The Secret London - An Unusual Guide by Rachel Howard travel product recommended by Ian Wright on Lifney.

I personally love London’s hidden side and this book is a great guide to helping you find all the hidden things right in front of you. Also includes wonderful maps and full colour photos which makes finding things relatively easy.

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