Road Hazards To Look Out for During Winter

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Winter is one of the most dangerous seasons for driving in some parts of the country. In most cases, many will have to contend with horrible road conditions, poor visibility, and a whole host of other horrible conditions. In the case that you are unfamiliar with the most harmful road conditions, here are the most important road hazards to look out for during winter.

Ice on the Roadway

Ice is the number one concern that should be on your mind constantly while driving in the winter. Often, there will be signs warning of ice on the roadway. When you see these, it is imperative that you reduce your speed. Ice can reduce the friction between the tires and the road, causing your car to slide off the road. In some cases, ice may be so thick and dangerous on some roads that chains will be required to navigate the roadway.

Deep Snow

Deep snow is yet another major road hazard to look out for during winter. Often, trying to navigate unplowed roads will end in disaster. Most often, it will cause you to get stuck and lose traction. When this happens, you will likely need help either getting your car towed out or using traction boards to pull yourself out of the snow. In every case, unless the snow is only a few inches deep and you have all-wheel drive, it is not worth the risk to drive on deep snow.

Low Visibility

Arguably one of the most dangerous forces that you will have to contend with during the winter is low visibility. Low visibility will often come in the form of heavy snow or low light, causing it to be very hard to see longer distances. These conditions will make it extremely hard to react to any unexpected road conditions or blockages and often result in collisions.

We hope that this article has helped educate you about the major road hazards to look out for during winter. If you are looking to prepare your luxury vehicle for colder weather, be sure you have adequate knowledge in areas such as chains and proper road speed for icy conditions. Having knowledge about these areas will help you be safe on the road, no matter the situation!

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