Questions to Ask Before Renting a Vacation Home

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All vacation rentals aren’t created equal and choosing the right one can make or break your vacation. A trusted source and a bit of research can go a long way. So, when it comes to selecting a vacation rental property, what do you need to absolutely know about the property, as well as the homeowners, before you rent it? Below are ten questions to ask the homeowner of the property you are renting for the vacation.

  1. What are your house rules regarding pets? Will the home allow for a dog or any other animal? Are there additional, and applicable, pet fees for the rental period?
  2. What is the home’s schedule for trash and recycling pick-up? Is there a requirement that the homeowner be there to receive the dumpster/recycling service?
  3. What is your house rules regarding smoking? Are cigarettes allowed in the house? If so, where?
  4. What is the house rules regarding vacation rental guests visiting from out of state?
  5. What is the homeowner’s vacation policy? Are you allowed to bring any guests? Is there a limit to how many guests?
  6. What are the homeowner’s restrictions regarding long-term rentals/occupants of the property?
  7. Has the homeowner had any experience with mishaps, i.e. mold, flood, property damage, etc. from previous renters?
  8. Have vandalism, break-ins and theft been experienced by the homeowner during the past year?
  9. What are the laws regarding the smoking of marijuana on vacation rental property?
  10. What is your homeowner’s security system and is there a home security advisor experienced in vacation rentals?

So if you are looking for jersey city apartments for rent, make sure to complete your checklist before signing on the dotted line.

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