Professions Where You Can Travel

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If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling to different parts of the world but can’t justify going without a reliable source of income, there are jobs out there to fulfill that itch. Some will see you moving from place to place frequently, while others will have you move somewhere far away and then stay there for a longer period. Here are some professions where you can travel.

Hospitality Employee

A job in hospitality allows you to transfer to different branches of the hotel company you work for. You can work for a time in your home country getting used to your responsibilities, then move to the same type of position in another hotel under the same company in a different country. Since you will most likely interact with many of the people that stay there, you can practice using the country’s language with the guests. You’ll also adapt more quickly to the culture by being with your coworkers, many of whom will also be locals there.

English Teacher

The ability to communicate in English is in high demand throughout the world. This means that many foreign schools also have openings for native English speakers to teach students in the language. Often, the requirements to become an English teacher overseas is a four-year college degree in any subject, as well as some form of related credentials, such as the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification. You can go through companies and government programs depending on the country, and it is common for housing to be included in your work contract.

Helicopter Pilot

Now, in reality, this is a pretty broad term. Helicopter pilots can find jobs in various industries and some may not fly very far from home. However, many positions allow you to travel. For instance, some companies require transportation services for employees or equipment and offer contracts for pilots to sign on. These kinds of jobs are sometimes in a foreign country, and for the duration of the contract, you can dwell there. You might also find work as a tour pilot who takes passengers on tours of popular destination spots in exotic locations. Finally, some helicopter piloting occupations will have you flying internationally across your country’s borders to another country. If you’re interested in any of these kinds of jobs, research and find out what you should know before obtaining your helicopter license so that you have a clear idea of the path you want to take.

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