Packing Sports Equipment in Your Carry-On

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Sports are great for developing life skills, especially for travel teams who get the opportunity to trek across the country and play against the best competition. This allows younger people to explore new places, bond with teammates, and play the sport they’re passionate about. However, something all traveling athletes need to consider is getting from point A to point B with their gear. When it comes to traveling with equipment, there are many restrictions to be wary of.

Many people look to take multiple carry-on bags because you can bring them onto the plane and they’re usually free. The other option is to check any luggage before getting on the plane. However, the downside is you will need to head to the baggage claim after the flight to pick up your bags, which many people want to avoid. So, if you’re questioning which method is best for dealing with equipment, we can help. Here’s what you need to know about packing sports equipment in your carry-on.

What Equipment Can You Bring on the Flight?

Although this is probably not your intent, airlines view sports equipment as a weapon. As such, you’ll need to follow the rules associated with bringing dangerous items on board. For example, the TSA classifies a baseball/softball bat or golf club as a piece of equipment that travelers must check.

As far as other equipment, travelers can carry these on board as long as it’s in a bag that follows regulations. These standards depend on the airline you are flying on, so make sure you look up that information before flying to avoid any extra charges.

Travel Tips

In addition to packing sports equipment in your carry-on, there are other things you need to know when it comes to traveling with sporting goods in general. You do run the risk of losing your equipment, which is why you want to bring as much gear as you can with you on the flight. Consider employing the following travel tips:

  • Since you cannot bring a softball/baseball bat or golf club with you on the flight, invest in a heavy-duty bag to ensure it doesn’t become damaged.
  • Clean out and organize your luggage before you go to the airport—this will make security a lot easier.
  • Keep your gear compact and close together. Use items such as uniforms and other clothing to protect valuable pieces of equipment.
  • Consider shipping your equipment if you think you will have issues with TSA or the airline.
  • Have a back-up plan in case your bag gets lost.

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