Our Top 10 Influential Instagram Travel Bloggers

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If you crave adventure but don’t know where to begin or where to go, check out these 10 Instagram travel bloggers who are sure to inspire!

Top 10 Tantalizing Instagram Travel Bloggers

1.      Lauren Bullen & Jack Morris

man and woman eating in garden@gypsea_lust & @doyoutravel

This adorable couple in their mid-20s knows just how to spend their precious time on this beautiful planet. Get lost in their wonderful feeds that feature impressive shots from around the world. Whether they’re face-to-face with animals or to dinner at a luxurious new spot, you’ll want to pack your bags and join them!

2.      Gloria Atanmo

woman in front of architecture@glographics

Atanmo’s platform aims to amplify “the voices of Black women in the travel-sphere.” She works to glamorize the struggle just as much as the hustle that it takes to live this lifestyle. If you’re looking for real travel posts, Atanmo’s Instagram is for you.



3.      Murad Osmann

holding hands in front of eiffel tower@muradosmann

Murad Osmann has left his footprint in many different countries. Murad and wife, Nataly, are best known for their FollowMeToo project where he holds her hand in the midst of absolutely stunning locations.



4.      Tara Whiteman

flower trellis@taramilktea

Tara will definitely give you a case of wanderlust. Her photos capture the richness of color found all over the world. You will love just how vibrant her feed is, whether you’re looking at her stylish outfits, the unique landscapes, or the exquisite foods.



5.      The Bucket List Family

family swimming in river@thebucketlistfamily

Years back, The Bucket List Family sold everything they owned to go on an adventure around the world—and, since then, they’ve shared all about their travel experiences. You won’t want to miss the cute kids and gorgeous backdrops!



6.      Brooke Saward

woman sticking her head out window@worldwanderlust

Brooke Saward’s Instagram matches the sincerity of the 26 year old. Whether it’s the safaris of Botswana or the beaches of Indonesia—she reveals that beauty exists everywhere. Her solo adventures are truly mesmerizing.



7.      Kiersten Rich

woman walking on rocks@theblondeabroad

Another serious inspiration for other solo female travelers out there, Kiersten’s feed will make you buy a ticket tonight. She has so much to say, from advice on traveling (she’s been to over 70 countries) to wardrobe essentials for cold climates.



8.      Gigi Hopkins

woman walking on palm tree trail@_itsbeautifulhere

If you want to find all the hidden gems and hot spots across the globe, Gigi is the one to follow. She left her corporate job to find peace and exhilaration on the road. From the Australian outback to the islands of Italy, her feed is an extensive travel guide.



9.      Selena Taylor

beaches of greece@finduslost

Looking for some travel guides to Greece? Lucky for you Selena has just created one from her recent trip to Milos. Her Instagram is full of beauty in each and every shot—your travel envy will come running once you take a peak!



10.  Matt Karsten

mountain view with person in foreground@expertvagabond

Matt is an awesome adventure travel photographer and professional blogger. He has been to so many places and has done so many incredible things—backcountry snowmobiling in Russia and safari explorations in Tanzania are just a few!

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