Must-Know Safety Tips for Crossing Railroad Tracks

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When we approach railroad crossings and don’t see a train, it’s common to think we are clear and all is well. But there are a few must-know safety tips for crossing railroad tracks, and if we fail to practice them, an accident can occur. Review this list for the next time you encounter a set of tracks.

Trains Move Faster Than We Anticipate

Sometimes, we can’t assess the train’s warning signals due to the level of noise and distraction inside the vehicle. A track will always flash its lights and release the guard while the traveling train will sound its horn. If you can’t hear the horn closing its distance, you could misjudge the timing.

The Importance of Looking Both Ways

Much like looking both ways when we walk across the street, the importance nearly doubles at a rail crossing. In the case of multi-track crossings, a train can arrive from either direction. Always allow about a 30-second delay after a finish before making your way. Just because the right-hand train finished doesn’t mean the left-hand train isn’t still approaching.

We Can Stop—Trains Can’t

Yes, trains have braking systems, and they do use them. But when it comes to a crossing, a train may only stop when experiencing a mechanical issue. Otherwise, they will blow straight through the crossing at their desired speed.

Failure to stop at the crossway or accidentally leaving any part of your vehicle in the path can result in a potentially tragic accident. There are a few instances where a train experiences other issues, like a derailment or a poorly constructed crossway, that result in accidents. In these situations, it’s crucial to hire a train accident lawyer.

Don’t Attempt To Beat the Train

Many can recall when the train was off in the distance, the guards were still upright, and we made our way across the tracks. And just because you live to tell the story, many motorists cannot say the same. Because the train moves faster than we realize, don’t attempt to beat the train, even if you think you have time.

Adhering to these must-know safety tips for crossing railroad tracks protects you, those around you, and the train conductors. It’s OK if you’re running late and find yourself stopped at the crossway, even in the most inconvenient situations. Be smart and arrive alive!

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