Make The Most Of Traveling With Friends To These Destinations

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Group travel can sometimes be quite the nightmare! If finding a common time to travel amongst your friends is hellish, finding the right travel destination isn’t any better.
If this sounds familiar to you, we’ve got your back. From kimono-donning girl bands to #fitspo group hiking activities, these 10 places and their suggested activities are your best chances for an agreeable holiday together with your pals!

Points To Keep In Mind When Traveling With Friends?

Choosing a destination. Firstly, choose a destination that you’re all quite comfortable with. For example, if most of your friends are unimpressed by the idea of visiting the beaches and you’re a little put-off by the idea of visiting museums and galleries, you shouldn’t hope to have that trip together.

For girls, this is especially true; given their more specific interests and sub-cultures, they’re capable of obsessing over their favorite K-pop boy bands and Disney princesses for days on end. This leads to one nightmare scenario; if the travel that your group chooses doesn’t accommodate such interests, it can lead to a major blowout among partners in crime. Finding a common ground is one of the most important things to keep in mind when planning a trip with friends.

Flexibility is important too. Traveling together means accepting one another’s timings, interests and preferences. Sometimes, you might have to be flexible when it comes to the parts of the trip that you’ve had planned thoroughly. If you can’t compromise on the little things, you can’t hope to come to an agreement on the bigger things, and it will just be the two of you together; you and a dream of great friendship, but no actual friendship.

Familiarity is helpful too; if you’re comfortable with one another’s accents, ways of speech, etc., it goes a long way in substantiating the duration of your travels together. Traveling with someone you’ve never met before can sometimes be tiresome; like learning to understand the idiosyncrasies of a foreigner. You’ll just be caught in an endless cycle of, “what do you mean?”, “oh never mind”.

A compromise, however, is very important. At the end of the day, you’re traveling with your friends, not with your pet or your parents. This means some of your decisions must be drawn over others. But this doesn’t mean that everyone must give in to your whims! Take turns, and see who does and doesn’t win. Thankfully, if you’ve already decided on a destination, this won’t be necessary anymore.

What is my point? Just sit down and discuss what your group wants for the trip together. Remember, nothing ever goes perfectly when everyone isn’t on the same page. Be it something as basic as transportation or something as grand as what quadrant you’re going to cover when sightseeing; make sure you’re in agreement. More often than not, the best plan is the one that everyone agrees on. Otherwise, choose your battles wisely.

Again, if everyone in the group has different things that they’re afraid they might miss out on, try finding something that they both want.

A Good Setting

Of course, a common ground and the willingness to bend are the well-established rules in negotiating a set of travel destinations. However, these are very broad guidelines. These don’t take into account how you’re actually going to travel to these locations, nor what you’re going to do there. This is where your personalities start to play a major part in ensuring the longevity of your friendships during the trip.

If you’re going to Korea, then the fact that you know the language might help you get around, but it may also mean you’re an introvert. Similarly, if you’re a complete K-pop fanatic, you might know the words to just the right amount of songs to fully appreciate the culture.

As much as possible, look for ways to tailor the trip to at least your own personalities.

Looking For Things To Do In The Destination

Given that you’ve decided on where your group is going, it’s time to really hone in and get to know where exactly you’re headed. This takes a lot of personal effort, too. To save you the hassle of having to look all over the web, here’s a comprehensive list of travel destinations, and some of the interesting things to do in there.


Beaches have been the first choice of many a traveler. They’re usually filled to the brim with activities. If the group you’re going with is younger one, then the beach is a great idea. With loads of resorts and villas available easily from local agencies, you can even go on an all-paid trip. Most of these properties also come with access to pools and other facilities, so you don’t have to shell out too much every time you want to go swimming.

The beach itself is capable of much relaxation, and the best part about it is that you can get all that over the internet. There are a number of travel and tourism websites that have countless articles detailing the best sights to see along the beach, the origin of their names, and some interesting stories to go along with them if you’re not interested in the factual. If you can find, say, ten articles relating to the place you’re going to, you’ll know of a variety of things to do there.

In places like this, it’s normal to find things like golf courses. If your friends love a game of golf, this is definitely something you should consider doing. No matter how bad you suck, it’s all fun

New Zealand

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It can be difficult to find a location that suits all types of preference but New Zealand is a great contender for a place that ticks all the boxes. It has stunning scenery, incredible hikes, a great pub culture, beaches, extreme activities, tours and unique geological areas of interest. This makes it an ideal destination for any group of friends as it has something to cater for everyone.


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Tanzania is endowed with great tour attractions. The highest mountain in Africa is in Kilimanjaro region; In Arusha region you find on the best animal reserves in the world, the Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti National Park not forgetting the wonder Zanzibar Island.


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Vietnam is one of the safest places you can travel to in the dangerous situation of Corona Pandemic. In fact, Vietnam is considered as a good example of controlling Corona virus with no death cases. Secondly, Vietnam is well-known for its beautiful destinations and cheap service price, which seems to be suitable for group-traveling.

Equatorial Guinea

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Equatorial Guinea is the hidden jewel in Central Africa. Historically, this small country has been inaccessible for visitors due to the difficulty obtaining the visa. Those days are fortunately gone, If you are a group of adventurers, and love the feeling of being alone in most of their amazing landscapes, Equatorial Guinea awaits.

Malaga, Spain

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Malaga is one of Spain’s hidden gems, located in Andalusia which is on the south coast of Spain. There are ancient churches and monuments to see in the historical city center, including the famous Picasso Museum. Once you’re done, just walk a few minutes and you’re on the sandy beach, which is perfect for a game of beach paddle with your buddies. Even better, the local cuisine is outstanding and inexpensive, with seafood dishes such as grilled squid going for less than five dollars. I would recommend Malaga is a great alternative option to travel with your friends this summer and avoid the crowds in big cities such as Madrid.


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Santorini is the perfect place to travel with friends. With its whitewashed houses and beautiful nature, the island offers something for everyone. In Fira, you will find excellent shopping opportunities, and if you want to celebrate with your friends, nightclubs like The Koo Club and Murphy’s Club are perfect for partying. But Santorini is so much more than shopping and nightlife. It is also rich in natural landscapes, and beautiful beaches for sunbathing, ball games, jet skiing, diving, and other fun activates. The beaches are complemented by refreshing bars that are open day and night. All in all, the island offers the perfect setting for the best vacation with friends.

Utila, Honduras

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Utila is the perfect place to travel to if you want to enjoy your holidays with friends. Located in the Caribbean, this island offers a variety of activities. Our favourite recommendation? Going camping on a deserted island. Ask around town, and you will find tour operators that can take you Water Cay. Here, you can camp under palm trees, relax on the beach and grill your dinner over a campfire. You can’t just find lovely beaches on Water Cay. In town, you have access to a few beaches where you can hang out with your friends. We especially loved the umbrellas in the middle of the water that provide shade while you and your friends enjoy a cocktail. If you prefer getting active, you can find multiple fun activities on Utila. You could go snorkelling or even learn to dive. Or you could rent a kayak and make your way through the mangrove forest to the other end of the island. It’s challenging when it gets narrow, but in the end, you’re rewarded with an empty little beach where you can cool off.

Belgrade, Serbia

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If you are looking for a nice getaway with your friends, Belgrade is a great place to visit. Known for its hospitality, authentic food and nightlife, Belgrade offers a unique experience for people of any age. You can chill in one of the many parks during the day or visit the ancient fortress Kalemegdan in the heart of the city. Although it is the biggest city in the Western Balkans, it is still quite cheap, especially if you enjoy local food and stores. In the night, Belgrade offers all kinds of parties and live music performances which are often free of charge. Plus, you will likely meet quite a few locals and get to experience the true spirit of the city together.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Vegas is the perfect place for a female group of friends to visit either for a bachelorette, girls weekend or just to let off some steam. The nightlife and entertainment is endless and regardless of what your friends have going on a trip here is always guaranteed to be a good time!

Nashville, Tennessee

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This country music hot spot is a small town wrapped in a big city. There’s live music around every corner, it’s an amazing foodie city whether you’re looking for the best barbeque or a sweet iced tea, and you might even run into a celebrity or two! Nashville is insanely diverse with both historical charm and modern flare. A night on the town in Nashville is legendary for bar hopping or you can catch a famous show like the Grand Ole Opry. There’s something for every group of friends looking to have a good time in Music City, USA. Plus, you just can’t beat that southern hospitality!

Miami, Florida

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Miami is an amazing place to travel with friends and meet new ones. The city boasts a fun and lively beach atmosphere, where you can sip cocktails and enjoy the sunshine by day and party at night. Ocean Drive, which lies along South Beach in Miami, is filled with trendy bars and restaurants, the perfect place to stay and seize the day with friends.

Barcelona, Spain

This product was recommended by Jon Miksis from Global Viewpoint Travel Blog

If you’re looking to travel with friends abroad, Barcelona is a must. The city offers a little bit of everything: culture, history, cuisine, beach, nightlife, and so much more. On one hand, Barcelona has a cosmopolitan feel to it, but it also has many older neighborhoods showcasing the city’s gothic grit and Mediterranean seaport vibe. The discotecas along the beach are open all night, so don’t forget to catch the sunrise.

California Coast – PCH Road Trip

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This is the perfect friend’s getaway! From Napa all the way down to Los Angeles, there are many places that can be entertaining for any of your friends that you bring along. There is something for everyone! My favorite place is the Central Coast. It is filled with amazing wineries (Beckmen Vineyards), delicious neighborhood restaurants (Bell’s Los Alamos & S.Y. Kitchen), and great places to stay along the way (Las Alcobas St. Helena, Post Ranch Inn, Treebones, Skyview Los Alamos).


This product was recommended by Michelle Vogel from Mishvo in Motion

Japan is a great destination to go to with a friend or friends because it can be quite an expensive place to travel and it’s great to split costs with someone. It’s also not a super common destination for solo backpackers so it could be harder to meet others traveling alone if you were to go solo. I went with my friend for two weeks in October and we had an absolute blast.

Antigua Guatemala

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Antigua Guatemala is a great place to travel with friends. This town features an international environment, where you’ll find and meet people from all over the world. The nightlife is vibrant and it offers a little something for everyone, from laid-back live music to wild clubs and salsa dancing. If you and your friends want to visit any of the other great places Guatemala has to offer, Antigua serves as a hub, with shuttles to and from every famous tourist destination in the country. That’s why this town is favored by backpackers, and it’s not unusual for travelers to fall in love with the place and move there indefinitely.

Moab Canyons, Utah

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As a group of fitness enthusiasts Adventure travel is an excellent way to challenge each other and enjoy the great outdoors. Moab Canyons is home to some world-class mountain biking, really good canyoneering and white water rafting. Combining these activities with the stunning surroundings, pools and water carved canyons makes for a wonderful adventure experience for a group of active friends.


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Azerbaijan may not be such a popular place to visit, but the country is definitely worth a visit with friends. If you’re into partying and vivid nightlife, head to the capital Baku for some fun. If your group is more into outdoors – the gorgeous Caucasus mountain is waiting for you with its breathtaking views and challenging hikes. Culture-lovers and history buffs would enjoy the mix of influences that shaped the country’s rich history and art. Anf here’s a must-do that you should definitely do with your friends: rent an old-school Lada with an Azeri driver and set off on adventure ride to the mud volcanoes of Gobustan! Those will be memories that last and stories to tell!


This product was recommended by Jaime Huffman from Charleston Blonde

When it comes to planning travel with friends, Charleston is one of the best places you could go! Charleston is the embodiment of Southern hospitality wherever you look. The cobblestone streets, rainbow-colored buildings, and rich history make it a great place for the perfect trip with friends. The Holy City has so many wonderful shopping and treat-yourself spa options, Instagrammable locations around every corner, and it’s a wonderland of delicious food. No matter what kind of travelers make up your friend group, you can be sure to find something to entertain, inspire, and delight when you take a trip to Charleston. There’s a reason it consistently ranks as one of the best cities in the South and a popular bachelorette party destination. From catching a wave at Folly Beach or sight-seeing along The Battery to window shopping and feasting on King Street, Charleston has it all!

South Africa

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South Africa has many different options for groups of friends. There are historical sites to visit, plenty of opportunities to see Africa’s Big 5 as well as some of the best coastline in the world. There are also lots of accommodation venues that can cater for small groups and offer exclusivity. Whether you need catering or would prefer to self-cater, there will be an option in pretty much every destination you could want to visit, especially in Kruger Park and along the south coast. There is just so much to do and a group of friends, even with different tastes, could easily spend two weeks touring this beautiful country.

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