Los Angeles’ Travel Books To Explore The City In 2019

See all there’s to see in the metropolis of L.A.

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The metropolis of glitter and glamour of the western United States! It is only fitting that it is the place that serves as the capital of the film industry with Hollywood residing these, but is also the reference city for setting trends on nightlife across the world.

Take a walk among the stars in Hollywood’s walk of fame, stop by the TCL Chinese Theater, and then climb up close to the Hollywood Sign to get the whole entertainment industry experience. On a cultural note, Getty Center is the place you want to see to get a feel of the artistic spirit that influences L.A. artist to this day, and the end of the day walk it off in the Venice City boardwalk.

Honestly, the list of things to do in L.A. can fill several books on its own, which is why there are several already waiting to help you plan out your next stroll in the city. We show you only the best travel books for the city of Los Angeles here, check them out.

#1 The Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book by William A. Gordon

The The Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book by William A. Gordon travel product recommended by William Gordon on Lifney.

The Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book helps tourists find where today’s Hollywood lives, works, and plays. It covers all of movieland L.A. (from Pasadena to Malibu and the San Fernando Valley to Culver City) and features celebrity homes; movie and TV locations; sites of scandals, murders, and suicides; plus all kinds of hidden attractions, including sites that inspired songs and castles in the Hollywood Hills.

William A. Gordon has released the fifth edition of The Ultimate Hollywood Tourook. Hollywood tour guides who rely on the book call it the bible of the tour industry. cordon calls it a work of investigative sightseeing paying homage too Hollywood’s past, but focuses [sic] on how today’s Hollywood lives, works, and plays. This edition is complete with color photos, maps, and all the inside information a Hollywoodphile could hope for. readers are offered a bonus: email updates to those who register. cordon holds the record for th longest-running self-published tour book, now in its 27th year.

Learn more or buy here.

#2 Los Angeles Cult Recipes by Victor Garnier Astorino

The Los Angeles Cult Recipes by Victor Garnier Astorino travel product recommended by Victor Garnier on Lifney.

Take a journey to the city of Californian dreams through 100 iconic recipes that capture the spirit of Los Angeles. Victor Garnier Astorino captures snapshots of this glittering city with eclectic tastes. There are recipes for chili hot dogs like you’ve never tasted before, avocado cheeseburgers, granola, lobster rolls, French-style tacos, fro-yo, kale pizza, acai bowls and shrimp pad thai.

LA worships at the temple of the healthy green juice and also at the temple of the hamburger. From food trucks and vegan coffee shops, doughnuts, hot dogs and noodles, to the original Californian roll – this is where food fusion began.

Learn more or buy here.

#3 Insight Guides Experience Los Angeles by Insight Guides

The Insight Guides Experience Los Angeles by Insight Guides travel product recommended by Dane Kolbaba on Lifney.

Insight Guides always publish pretty solid material. You’ll find the best things to do in LA here, from iconic landmarks to the best spot to go star-gazing. Comes with free eBook.

Learn more or buy here.

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