Interior Design Tips and Tricks for Your RV

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To those outside the RV world, a home on wheels can seem like it isn’t a home at all. Of course, we know better. Our RVs aren’t just our ticket to the great, wide world. They truly are home sweet home, and one way we treat our homes with a little extra love is through its décor.

Of course, decorating an RV can pose some unique challenges. To help navigate them and beautify your home on wheels, here are some fun interior design tips and tricks for your RV.

Let There Be Light

The space issue is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to decorating your RV. While you can’t exactly build an addition onto your RV, you can make the space feel bigger by maximizing the natural light in the space.

One of the easiest ways to make your RV feel light and open is by using light, airy window treatments. That way, you can be sure you’re letting in the greatest amount of light. From there, try to reflect that light with light-colored walls and furnishing or reflective surfaces such as mirrors.


Obviously, the sun isn’t going to be out all the time. For that feeling of natural light even when it’s dark out, look for white-colored LED lighting instead of more yellow-colored alternatives. This will give your RV that bright feeling throughout all hours of the day.

Look for Places To Add Color

RVs can get a rep for feeling dull on the inside. Kick that rumor to the curb in your rig by finding ways to add a little extra color to your space. Even the smallest spaces have plenty of opportunities to add color. A few ways to add color include:

  • Bringing in potted or hanging plants
  • Adding a backsplash
  • Wall art or hangings
  • Country flags (check Ultimate Flags for sale)
  • Fun throw pillows or blankets
  • Furniture covers
  • Rugs and runners

And don’t forget, you can always hit the walls or cabinets with a coat of fresh paint the same way you would in a regular house or apartment. Just keep in mind the size of the space will make beginners painting mistakes more obvious, so paint carefully.

Highlight Your Personality

This is probably the most important tip for decorating your RV. This is the space where you’ll be spending your free time when you aren’t out there exploring the world. It should reflect you before it reflects what “looks good.”

For some, highlighting a personality means picking up a theme for an RV, like a 1950s diner or boho chic. For others, it means bringing in wall hangings. These are the little things that make an RV a home.

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Written by Dionne Rodrigo


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