Industry Leaders Recommend The 11 Essential Business Travel Apps

We’ve reached out to business leaders for them to recommend the apps they use. Here are their picks!

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Leaders in business have little time for gimmicks. They need only relevant information, and they need it instantly. We reached out to several experienced leaders in their industries about how they stay on top of their team during a business trip.

Business travel apps can track employees, schedule meetings and even organise transport, all to make your team more focused on the reason they are abroad, rather than the time-wasting logistics.

If it’s good for them, it is bound to be a lifesaver for you!

#1 Mobile Passport

The Mobile Passport travel product recommended by Rich Mullikin on Lifney.

The industry expert recommending this product
This was recommended by Rich Mullikin from Mullikin Communications

Mobile Passport enables U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors to save time during the entry process at most major U.S. airports and cruise ports! The Mobile Passport app enables U.S. and Canadian passport holders to submit their passport and declaration information to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) via their mobile device instead of completing the traditional paper form, then access designated Mobile Passport lanes in the Federal inspection area. The free app does not require a background check, interview or pre-approval. Mobile Passport plus ($14.99 annually) provides even greater convenience with use of the automated document scanner and storage of passport profiles in preparation for your next trip. The app can be found here: Apple App Store or Google Play.

Learn more or buy here.

#2 Pruvo

The Pruvo travel product recommended by Doron Nadivi on Lifney.

The industry expert recommending this product
This was recommended by Doron Nadivi from Pruvo

Pruvo is a free app and webservice, that tracks price drops for existing hotel reservations and notifies the customer once we detect a better price for the exact same hotel room. We have saved travelers more than $3.1M on their hotel reservations and have won multiple international awards for our disruptive technology.

Learn more or buy here.

#3 Travelperk

The Travelperk travel product recommended by Gordon McConnell on Lifney.

The industry expert recommending this product
This was recommended by Gordon McConnell from TravelPerk

It is the all-in-one platform for booking and managing business travel, with the world’s biggest booking inventory. You can book your flight, car, train, hotel or even Airbnb through the platform, and send Finance one simple invoice. The app helps you manage these bookings and has a chat to contact support should your flight get canceled or you have any other problems. A final plus is the app’s native integration with Expensify, meaning even less paperwork. It’s a busines travel must.

Learn more or buy here.

#4 Sitata

The Sitata travel product recommended by Adam St. John on Lifney.

The industry expert recommending this product
This was recommended by Adam St. John from Sitata

Corporate travelers can download Sitata on their own for $1 per day. Sitata’s contents and services are designed to keep travelers safe and healthy – before, during and after a trip. The platform combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with expert insights to keep travelers safe when abroad. By monitoring global happenings 24/7, Sitata is able to send alerts on travel disruptions including disease outbreaks, protests, labor strikes, violence, extreme weather, etc.

Sitata provides actionable health assistance for corporate travelers at home and abroad by utilizing telemedicine and telehealth capabilities. Doctors are available to provide pre-trip consultations that can ease travel anxieties, and ensure you are prepared to travel to the specific destination. When you’re abroad, Sitata helps you identify doctors for your specific needs and geographic location. Sitata sends your inquiry to their curated doctor network, and doctors respond with prices for advice, clinic visits, telemedicine, etc.

Another option is that companies of all sizes can implement Sitata and have peace of mind that their employees are safe while abroad. Sitata makes it easy for HR managers to check all of the boxes when it comes to safety and liability for employee travels. Travel insurance may not cover every circumstance and typically has a few hidden escape clauses. Corporate travel is different; employee safety is the top priority. Sitata helps ensure employee safety on all fronts, during virtually all circumstances. Features for corporate travelers include travel-specific telehealth, itinerary management, GPS capabilities, travel tracking dashboard, privacy zones, and chat assistance.

Learn more or buy here.

#5 Fetch Internet

The Fetch Internet travel product recommended by Josh on Lifney.

The industry expert recommending this product
This was recommended by Josh from TeliApp

Business travelers tend to connect their computers to public WiFi because of convenience and cost. However, connecting to public WiFi and wireless hotspots opens computers to security vulnerabilities, making them vulnerable to hacker exploitation. Sometimes they also find that the WiFi network has terrible speeds, rendering them useless. Fetch Internet is faster, better and less expensive than wireless hotspots, and far more secure than public WiFi. Fetch Internet is a convenient, safe and inexpensive alternative to public WiFi and their own wireless hotspot.

Learn more or buy here.

#6 Findaspot

The Findaspot travel product recommended by Derrick Denicola on Lifney.

The industry expert recommending this product
This was recommended by Derrick Denicola from Findaspot

We empower users to find the best spots in between destinations by calculating the quickest route between two or more points and giving them a list of locations from which to choose.

For example: Ben lives in San Diego. He’s needs to have a business lunch with someone from the Los Angeles branch. He wants to save time, energy and fuel costs by picking a spot in between. Using Findaspot:

1. Ben Enters his location
2. He enters the location of the Los Angeles traveler
3. He enters any one of Yelp’s 30k+ categories (in this case, Restaurant)

Ben gets up to 20 listings for restaurants in between himself and his destination. This makes choosing a place easier by taking the users’ route and preferences into account. It also puts a quick stop to the seemingly endless deliberations.

Common use cases are:

– Finding perfect places for dates
– Coordinating get togethers between multiple people
– Locating stops closest to the route between destinations

Even better, it’s FREE to download in the App Store and Google Play. We don’t mine data, have in-app ads, or have any sort of in-app purchases whatsoever.

Learn more or buy here.

#7 TravSolo

The TravSolo travel product recommended by Chizoba Anyaoha on Lifney.

The industry expert recommending this product
This was recommended by Chizoba Anyaoha from TravSolo

Business Travelers ARE solo travelers and we have listened to their pain points. With a heavy schedule, they may or may not have the time to explore everything while traveling, yet they have to eat and drink at some point..ideally with someone to share the experience with. Bleisure travel is a growing trend business travelers are taking advantage of to see the world while having to handle their daily work schedules. No need spending hours figuring out the best spots to eat or what to do all while having to meet deadlines. Focus on your business while we help you enjoy your well-earned free time without the hassle, by using our app.

TravSolo wants every solo traveler to be able to plan their trips, meet people, and stay safe – all while sharing memories on the go.

Step 1: Choose your interests
Step 2: Meet people if you want
Step 3: Get your itinerary for the day with the ability to add your own content – photos, short videos and notes.
Step 4: Turn your itinerary into a story video to share with your loved ones, publicly or privately.

Learn more or buy here.

#8 Mixx Together

The Mixx Together travel product recommended by Shirin Shafiee on Lifney.

The industry expert recommending this product
This was recommended by Shirin Shafiee from POPcreative PR

Mixx Together was launched in 28 major cities in 2019 to connect solo-travelers with fellow groups of people near them — who share the same interest they do. It’s a great way to connect with nearby, likeminded people while traveling for business or bleisure travel.

Learn more or buy here.


The GAFFL travel product recommended by Sadakat on Lifney.

The industry expert recommending this product
This was recommended by Sadakat from GAFFL

GAFFL is a great web-app for business travelers to use. For anyone business traveler who has to rent a car for work, they can make some extra cash on the side by providing lifts to hitch hiking backpackers. GAFFL is a platform that business travelers can utilize to find other travelers looking for rides.

Learn more or buy here.

#10 Vertoe

The Vertoe travel product recommended by Swati Sharma on Lifney.

The industry expert recommending this product
This was recommended by Swati Sharma from Vertoe

Vertoe is the best app for business travelers as it allows the user to drop their heavy bags at the nearest Vertoe location instantly. While travelers are juggling between meetings or have some free time before their next flight or early check-outs or even long layovers, Vertoe can safely store bags and open avenues to utilize this time in the best way possible. Apart from this, many of the users utilize Vertoe monthly bookings to leave their daily equipment near the commute station to avoid dragging them daily.

Learn more or buy here.

#11 Mobili-group travel planner

The Mobili-group travel planner travel product recommended by Gustavo Reyes on Lifney.

The industry expert recommending this product
This was recommended by Gustavo Reyes from Mobili

We believe Mobili is the next wave of travel organization. We have used the app for personal and professional matters.

Mobili assisted with being able to view everyone’s itinerary, firstly on  arrivals to Miami, and keeping track of each flight. It kept us organized with the Hotels and if the driver didn’t know how to arrive to the hotel by simply clicking on the address of the hotel within the app show the location on the map. With a tap on a screen we could see where each colleague had their meetings and if needed we could stay connected with the in-app chat.

This app will assist anyone having to organize travel arrangements at all levels and will soon provide an expense function to itemize.

Learn more or buy here.

The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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Rich Mullikin from Mullikin Communications

Doron Nadivi from Pruvo

Gordon McConnell from TravelPerk

Adam St. John from Sitata

Josh from TeliApp

Derrick Denicola from Findaspot

Chizoba Anyaoha from TravSolo

Shirin Shafiee from POPcreative PR

Sadakat from GAFFL

Swati Sharma from Vertoe

Gustavo Reyes from Mobili

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