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Ideal Locations to Travel to as a Couple

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If you are looking for the best places to take your other half then look no further, because we have put together this list of our favorite spots for couples. There is a place for every couple on list so start planning your trip today!


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Budget-allowing, Aruba is one of the most paradisiacal places a couple can go on the planet for a romantic getaway. The island is exactly what you would imagine an island in the Caribbean should look like, with palm trees, crystal clear turquoise blue water, and of course to add to the romantic vibe: live pink flamingos. The secluded little island is perfect for couples wanting to disconnect for a little bit and spend some quality time.

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica has everything a couple might need for a romantic getaway. It’s a direct 3-hour flight from many US cities. It’s incredibly safe compared to many Latin countries. It offers amazingly pristine beaches (often uncrowded), jungle and rainforest hiking, breathtaking waterfalls, and abundant wildlife. It’s often a very friendly country with ticos being very inviting to travelers.

Aside from the airfare (which is actually really cheap right now), expenses in Costa Rica are also really low. As an example, using the exact same dates and specifying 2 adults, the Four Seasons in Maui is 32% more expensive than the Four Seasons in Costa Rica.


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If you’re looking for a safe, fun and beautiful place to travel as a couple, check out Sardinia, Italy. One of the best scuba diving locations in the world! Sardinia is one of the most popular dive locations in Italy thanks to its technical cave dives, shipwrecks, and shore dives. Sardinia makes a fantastic location to visit partly due to the island people’s strict code of honor that is characterized by loyalty, as well as hospitality. It’s the perfect romantic getaway for couples!

Lake Konigssee, Germany

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Not many people think to visit Germany but Bavaria, the alps and area surrounding Lake Konigsee is just mind blowing. We’re from the UK and spent 11 days there camping and touring around, it could have easily been twice that. The landscape is stunning and absolutely packed with activities if you’re the outdoors type. Summer skiing(!) on the glacier at zell am see, incredible mountain biking, gorge walks that are out of this world, crystal clear rivers for kayaking or swimming and of course endless walking options.

Da Lat, Vietnam

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The best place I traveled as a couple was Da Lat, Vietnam. It’s a quick plane ride away from Ho Chi Minh City or a 10 hour bus ride. One of its nicknames is the “City of Love” and for good reason. It’s a tiny city up in the mountains with a picturesque lake in the city. It’s quite a romantic spot to stroll around and take in the green scenery. Or take a Swan boat ride together. And when you’re finished, there are plenty of bakeries, coffee shops, and delicious Vietnamese food to try. Surrounding the city are many waterfalls and hiking activities, all at low costs. So if you want the romance of Paris but the adventure of the Rockies, Da Lat is a perfect place to take your significant other!


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There’s no better place to live out your Wild West fantasies than a luxe dude ranch in the desert plains of southern Wyoming. At the adults-only Magee Homestead, couples can explore 7,000 acres of historic ranchlands during daily horseback rides, hikes, and biking excursions. You’ll likely spot more wildlife than people, there are no more than 27 guests visiting at a time, guaranteeing the secluded vibes you came for. It is a perfect destination to travel as a couple

Bali, Indonesia

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With its majestic temples and shrines, this beach town is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. These are just some of the reasons why Bali is a prime spot for honeymooners year-round.

Boracay Island, Philippines

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White sand, clear blue pool-like waters and a relaxed island vibe are good enough reasons for couples to visit Boracay Island in the Philippines. Food and hotels are very affordable too, especially if you earn in Western currency

Northern Norway

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By coming to Northern Norway, you’re likely after the jaw-dropping Northern Lights, which for many is a life-changing sight to behold. And what better way to see it than with a significant other, right?

Lake Tahoe

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When couples are looking for a place to travel together I always recommend seeking a locale that provides three things — ample outdoor activities; seclusion; and raw beauty. Lake Tahoe offers all three of these qualities in abundance. The outdoor activities allow couples to play together, and couples that play together, stay together. Lake Tahoe offers hiking, skiing, boating, cycling, river rafting, mountain biking and so much more.

The seclusion allows couples to get some quality alone time together. Oftentimes being secluded in a cabin together is great for reconnecting and rediscovering the spark that brought you together. Lastly, the raw beauty of a place can help to put things in perspective and make couples remember what is important in life. Being awestruck by the beauty and majesty of a place like Lake Tahoe can help couples re-prioritize what is most important in their lives — each other. For these reasons, I always suggest Lake Tahoe as a destination because it offers all of these important characteristics.


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Paris is cliche, but it’s a cliche for a great reason. It’s one of the most romantic cities in the world. A common building in Paris has more beautiful architecture than the majority of buildings in most cities. Simply walking through the streets of Paris with your partner will be one of the most romantic experiences.

Not to mention the fantastic cafes and restaurants. Sharing amazing meal after amazing meal with your partner is something very special. Not to mention all the beautiful sites that are wonderful to take pictures in front of.

San Diego, CA

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I recommend San Diego, CA for couples that are not big adventures but are foodies, enjoy sightseeing, and history. It was also easy to get around either by walking or catching an Uber or Lyft. Our hotel was in the Gaslamp Quarter that had plenty of wonderful restaurants, bars, name brand and boutique stores.

Couples can go whale watching or take a boat to Coronado and visit the Hotel del Coronado . Some of the activities we enjoyed included views from Point Loma, watching a major league baseball game in Petco Park, visiting San Diego Zoo, taking a Segway tour through the Gaslamp Quarter, downtown San Diego, and Coronado Beach.


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Telluride is tucked into a box canyon surrounded by 13,000 and 14,000-foot peaks. The town of Telluride is just eight blocks wide and twelve blocks long. Because of its significant role in the history of the American West, the core area of Telluride was designated a National Historic Landmark District in 1964. Mountain Village is perched above the valley floor at 9,500 feet, providing access to the Telluride Ski Resort and Uncompahgre National Forest.

The Town of Mountain Village was founded in 1987 and includes approximately 2,100 acres of rolling aspen and spruce-covered mountainsides. A vision of alpine elegance, this European-style village tempts guests with the best of everything in the Telluride region. The two towns are connected by a free, scenic gondola—the only transportation system of its kind in North America. This popular scenic attraction provides access to hiking and biking trails in the summer and ski slopes in the winter.

North Myrtle Beach

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North Myrtle Beach is the crown jewel of the Carolina coast – home to world-class golf courses, fabulous attractions and entertainment, and some of the best seafood along the east coast.The city of North Myrtle Beach consists of about nine miles of beaches in four distinct sections: Windy Hill, Crescent Beach, Ocean Drive, and Cherry Grove.

The area features more than 100 golf courses – some of the best in the nation – and more than 1800 restaurants to choose from along the “Grand Strand”. Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach are two of the notable towns that make up the Grand Strand – a more than 60-mile stretch of inspiring oceanfront from Little River to Georgetown, South Carolina. With Myrtle Beach and all its attractions just minutes away, North Myrtle Beach is a great place to vacation, away from all the heavy traffic and hustle of “the big city”.

Catalina Island

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Long known as the Island of Romance, Catalina Island offers couples an intriguing destination, where ocean breezes and spectacular scenery provide the perfect backdrop for compelling activities, fascinating culture and irresistible dining. Located just offshore from Southern California, Catalina is ideal option for a week-long retreat or an overnight escape.


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Zürich is the perfect city to travel to for couples! The whole city is just so romantic, for multiple reasons. First of all, the city has its own lake, named ‘Lake Zurich’. The lake is so beautiful and idyllic, and the water of the lake is so blue, that it actually looks as if it came straight out of a fairy tale! Furthermore, Zürich has the most beautiful viewpoints. Besides that, there are amazing activities for couples in Zürich. For example, you could rent a boat and sail over Lake Zürich. Moreover, Switzerland is famous because of its amazing chocolate. It would be so much fun to go to multiple chocolade shops in Zürich and taste the most delicious chocolate together!

Santorini, Greece

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The island is one of the most beautiful (and most romantic) places in Europe, and it’s white buildings overlooking the vast, deep-blue ocean is an instantly recognizable landscape that couples will find breathtaking. There’s plenty there to enjoy, from fine dining and amazing wine to beautiful beaches and sunsets.

Noonu Maldives

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Maldives is such a romantic place to travel to as a couple. With crystal clear and turquoise waters, overwater bungalows, and islands all around, Maldives is a beautiful place for a dreamy getaway. Traveling to Maldives can be a most luxurious vacation or a budget friendly destination depending on which islands you decide to visit. It’s the perfect place for couples to lounge around, relax, and enjoy all their favorite ocean activities.

Granada, Spain

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Granada is a charming city that sits below the majestic Alhambra Palace in Andalusia, Spain. This royal complex invites visitors to discover the sophisticated Moorish civilization of Al-Andalus. What could be more romantic than to wander through Moorish palaces and get lost in their gorgeous gardens, surrounded by the smell of roses and orange trees. After visiting the palace, make sure to explore the narrow cobblestone streets of the Albaicyn neighborhood to end up at the San Nicolas lookout. The views of the Alhambra from here are simply astonishing and super romantic.

And when you get tired, the hammam Al-Andalus is the perfect place to disconnect and unwind. To get the full experience, don’t forget to book a couple’s massage. Finally, a romantic trip to Granada couldn’t be complete without experiencing a passionate flamenco show in one of the gypsy caves of the Sacromonte quarter.


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The location we think is the best is Siargao in the Philippines because of its beautiful tropical, chilled island vibes. We absolutely loved its lush nature, crystalline water and the variety of landscapes available! It’s a relatively small island making it easy to get around and discover, and the people are incredibly laid-back and friendly, adding to the overall good vibes of the island.

It’s got a great mixture of boho places to stay in as well as more upscale, romantic resorts. The overall feel there is simple and you really just relax into it and connect with the simplicity of your love (as opposed to maybe Paris say where it can sometimes be a little OTT with the pressure of the expectation for romanticism). We really enjoyed our time there and left covered in salty, sandy kisses and a desire to return!

Cote d’Azur

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Cote d’Azur an amazing place to travel as a couple because it offers a lot of romantic sceneries and attractions. Whether you choose to wander around one of the beautiful cities along the French Riviera, or visit specific museums, you will definitely enjoy your time spent together. For example during the day you could take a trip to Monaco or Eze and in the evening you could share a pizza or a bottle of wine on the pebbles on the beach of Nice. Another romantic thing to do is hiking up to Castle Hill and enjoying the beautiful view. I think the Cote d’Azur area in the South of France is suitable for any couple, whether they are romantic or they love adventure.


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From hot springs and hiking to luxury hotels, Iceland embodies adventure and romance. You’ll have a good chance of viewing the Aurora Borealis on a clear winter night to add to the magic. Iceland boasts scenic landscapes with waterfalls, caves, and impressive rock formations as well as remarkable man-made feats of architecture. Iceland is the perfect place for an enchanting experience as a couple.

Northern Lights in Northern Norway

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If you are a Stargazing lover then this place must be in your list. This region covers one-third of Norway; traveler comes from across the world to see the Northern Lights from autumn to mid-April, while from May to July, the sun is still visible at midnight in a phenomenon called the “midnight sun.

Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior

This product was recommended by Megan Anderson from Explore Minnesota

Minnesota’s North Shore, with its breathtaking scenery and quaint harbor towns, is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. My favorite travel memory with my husband is the mini-moon we took right after our wedding to Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior. I could feel the stress of wedding planning melt away as we headed north from the Twin Cities and the landscape changed from bustling cities and suburbs to towering pine trees, charming restaurants and shops, and pristine lakes and rivers. The first stop on our trip was Duluth.

We walked along the boardwalk next to Lake Superior and ate fresh fish al fresco from our favorite Duluth sandwich shop, Northern Waters Smokehaus. We continued our journey on the North Shore’s All-American Road, along the coast of Lake Superior, with a quick stop at a local brewery, Castle Danger, before reaching our lodging destination, Bluefin Bay.. Our itinerary mainly consisted of sitting on our private patio and listening to the waves of Lake Superior crash along the shore. We took a day trip to Grand Marais, a picturesque harbor town where we had our fill of more fresh fish from local restaurants and watched the sun set behind the harbor lighthouse.

The next day we spent some time at North Shore Winery, toasting to our new marriage and life together. We plan on making the same trip on milestone anniversaries.

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