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How to Travel Inexpensively this Year

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You might like to travel, but you have not been able to for years because of the pandemic. Maybe that’s not the reason, though. Perhaps you have not traveled in quite some time because you think you can’t afford it.

When you put your mind to it, you can probably figure out how to travel this year, and it may not cost you as much as you anticipated. We’ll talk about ways to travel inexpensively right now. Whether you hope to go on a solo adventure or take the family with you, it’s not as impossible as you might imagine.

Choose a Cheaper Vacation Spot

Choosing a cheaper vacation spot over a more expensive one is a possible way to travel this year if you feel like you need a break from the routine. You might have your heart set on a city like Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago. However, if you head to a destination that doesn’t cost as much, you might get the vacation you’ve craved that way.

For instance, you can go to a hidden gem like Branson, Missouri. You can check out the Jesus show at the Sight and Sound Theaters location there, or you might opt for a comedy show with Yakov Smirnoff. If you like kitsch and Americana, you and your family should have a great time.

Travel Using Credit Card Points

If you’ve got credit cards that let you accumulate travel points, you can travel a lot cheaper that way if you have spent some time building them up. You can look for Visa, Discover, or American Express cards that give you points you can spend on hotels, flights, and other travel-related expenses.

You might not be able to cover the entire trip with points, but you can make it a lot cheaper that way. You could find a five-star hotel somewhere and stay there for the weekend when you use points, instead of a two-star one. You might get the flight to and from your destination for free, or, at the very least, you can use some points to upgrade to first class and travel in style.

Find Resorts Where the Kids Can Stay for Free

You might also look for resorts or hotels where the kids can stay for free. Some resorts run those kinds of promotions, and you can scour the internet looking for them.

You can start by Googling keyword phrases like “resorts where kids stay for free” and see what comes up. You can also look for hotels where the children can get a complimentary breakfast every morning or similar amenities. You can’t travel for free this way, but you can cut down on your overall trip expenditures.

Stay in Hostels Rather than Hotels

You can travel much more cheaply than would otherwise be the case if you stay at hostels or motels instead of hotels. Motels and hostels are usually not as fancy as luxury hotels, but if you don’t mind roughing it a little bit, this could be how you take the vacation you have wanted.

When you look into motels or hostels in the place where you want to stay, you should read up on the details as much as possible beforehand. While a hostel or motel might save you some money, you still want to make sure you stay in one where you feel safe. If reviews indicate that a hostile is dirt cheap, but it’s in a crime-infested area, it’s not worth trying to save cash by staying there.

Stay in an Airbnb

You might also look for an appropriate Airbnb if you’re going to a place that doesn’t have a cheap hostel or motel option. You can usually find one that’s pretty reasonably priced, even if you’re spending time in a city like LA, New York, or Toronto.

Remember that the Airbnb price will vary depending on the city and how luxurious of an apartment or house you seek. If you’re in a less expensive city like Milwaukee or Cincinnati, you should be able to locate an Airbnb that won’t break the bank. You will save money on lodgings that you can spend on activities instead.

If you combine some of these ideas, you should be able to piece a vacation together, even if you don’t have a great deal of money to spend. Traveling is fun even when it’s not luxurious, and you sometimes have better adventures if you’re not staying in high-end establishments.

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