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How To Plan The Perfect Girl’s Weekend Away

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There is always lots to look forward to when a girl’s weekend away is added to the calendar. Whether you have children or not, it can be a hard task to coordinate everyone’s plans and agree on a date. If you haven’t had much success in planning the perfect getaway, here are some tips to getting it done and seeing you and the girls together with a cocktail in hand sooner.

The location

Agreeing on a location is going to inform the rest of the plans, and rule your friends in or out if it is too far or too hard to attend. Depending on what your friendship circle are into, you want to be choosing a location that has great bars, restaurants, shops and even a natural attraction that allows you to don your women’s outdoor clothing. As you are all different to one another, make sure your location holds appeal for everyone so that it is a worthwhile trip.


There are so many more options now than just a hotel. You can choose a serviced apartment or an Airbnb which will allow you to lodge together under the same roof, and they usually come with great entertaining spaces for drinks and meals shared together. As we covered in location, make sure you choose accommodation in the busy end of town so that there is a lot to do. If you do choose the hotel route, be sure to find out if there is a spa and room service – as you might wake up with a sore head more than a few times and want an easy day!

Be prepared

Don’t leave it to chance when it comes to restaurants and bars, and go ahead and make a booking at the places you want to visit to avoid disappointment. You will find that when you have bookings in place you can make plans and occupy time around these hard timelines. If you choose a hotel, you can ask them where they would recommend locally in the area and they may even be able to make a booking for you if you are pressed for time.

Organised fun vs spontaneity

We have all been to that bridal shower or hens party that is planned too much with every event and interaction scheduled to the minute. While you might get more out of the day, you want to also linger a little longer at lunch or have the flexibility to do something you see on your girls trip. If you are planning the girls weekend, get a sense of what your friends want before you plan too much or nothing at all. Does everyone want to just veg on the beach, leaning into that spontaneity? Or is everyone looking forward to getting that overdue manicure, pedicure, haircut and seeing some live music?

Set some rules

Now don’t get the wrong idea – these rules are designed to make sure everyone has a good time and can maximise relaxation. If you have friends who are guilty of getting up early for a run or have to incorporate functional exercise into any activity… then this is for your group. Create some friendly rules with your friends to ensure the perfect weekend away, like no work emails, no endless conversations about kids or partners, mandatory sleep-ins, and other rules that are relevant to your group! This will really give permission to the girls that they can just soak in the lack of responsibility and see where the weekend takes them.

These ideas will set you on the way to a perfect weekend away, but you and your friends are really going to make it memorable. Another great tip is to schedule in the next weekend when you are all together so that you can check to see what dates and plans will work. No one should have to wait too long for a get together with their girlfriends.

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