How to Leave it All Behind and Become a Digital Nomad

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Digital nomads are a new breed of adventurer that travels the world in search of excitement. They make their money with just a laptop and an Internet connection. Even ten years ago, this type of work wouldn’t have been possible, but the speed at which technology advances is making it easier to throw out the old ways of earning money and embracing a nomadic lifestyle. It takes some planning and time to become a digital nomad, but it’s attainable. Check out our tips for how to leave your nine-to-five behind and embrace this new way of living.


Lower Your Expenses and Cut Regional Ties

Take a step back to look at the things that are keeping you tied to your region. A lease on an apartment or on a car is a big one. Those are often tough to break, so take the time you have left to get your finances in order. Cancel your gym membership and subscription services, and start unloading material things you won’t need in your new life as a digital nomad. Pay off any loans or credit card debt you may have and start saving that extra money.


Join a Community

A digital nomad community can be an invaluable source of information on the lifestyle. These people are already living the life you’re trying to have, so they can give tips and tricks on how to achieve it. You may be able to tap into business networking opportunities, as well.


Know Your Skills

In order to finance your nomadic lifestyle, you’re going to need to make some money while you’re traveling. Figure out which of your skills you can monetize online: writing, graphic designing, and marketing are all things you can do for money from your laptop. If you find that your skills are a bit lacking, then start building that skillset. Many nomads start off doing freelance gigs to make a couple of bucks. There isn’t a playbook to follow for making money online, so be creative and do what you can.


Pick Your First Stop

Money is coming in, your debts are paid, and now it’s time to hit the road. Think about where you’ve always wanted to go, the one place that’s always seemed out of reach. You can literally go anywhere in the world, but don’t let that intimidate you. Narrow down the list by thinking about the cost of living; you’ll be able to live more comfortably in areas with lower rents. Decide what you need for accommodations, what you can realistically afford, and take it from there.

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Written by Logan Voss


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