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How to Choose the Perfect Hiking Trail

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Hiking is an exciting activity and those who love hiking or trekking will give you thousands of reasons why one should go for hiking. Hiking is indeed good for us as it is a form of exercise with numerous benefits. Those who hike regularly lower the risk of blood pressure, heart disease and cholesterol.

Hiking makes one strong both physically and mentally as one learns how to get over uneven surfaces and navigate across challenging terrains. However, a lot also relies on the kind of choices you make and where you plan to go hiking. If you are not careful, you may end up with a bad experience or may even get yourself into trouble.

As there is a lot more to choosing a perfect hiking trail, it is essential to know the basics, especially if you are a first-time hiker. Trailplace is a great option to look for some wonderful hiking trials. Just ask yourself the right questions before you pick a hiking trail to get an idea of what you are exactly looking for.

Given below are some pointers regarding how to choose that ideal trail for your hike.

Consider the weather conditions: Depending on where you are going and at what time of the year, you may choose your hike. After all, the weather conditions should be perfect for a good hike as nobody wants to deal with a track that is impassable due to snow or an overflowing seasonal river.

Consider the distance and elevation– another aspect to keep in mind is the distance to cover and the elevation. Always consider the roundtrip distance and typically 2-3 miles is a good place to start with to stay comfortable. Elevation gain of about 500 feet is optimal for most trekkers unless and until you are an expert and looking for a challenging hike. Be well prepared for the hike you pick in terms of distance and elevation.

Consider the terrain – It is of utmost importance to consider the terrain of the hikes you are looking at. You may have to scramble over rocks or move across seasonal rivers or streams or there might be steep drop-offs. Make sure that you are comfortable with the terrain and are well equipped for challenging hikes.

Consider the popularity– There are some hikes that are always more popular than others. It is a good idea to stick with the most popular ones and avoid those which are not well familiar. At the same time, you would not want to go on trails that tend to get very crowded. So, pick up a couple of trials and always have a back up plan, in case you change your mind.

Consider the reviews– It is always a good idea to get feedback regarding the trial you are interested in. Read reviews and testimonials to know what other hikers are saying about the trek. Learn about the age, fitness level, the season in the reviews before making your final decisions. Go for a hike that is suitable for your fitness and skill level and has great reviews.

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