How To Best Prepare Before You Go Off-Grid

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With the current frustrations and changes, it’s easy to think about all the possibilities the world has to offer—including ditching the mundane and cozying up in the woods somewhere remote. Maybe the last year or so forced you to dig into some bigger-picture ideas. Before making any rash decisions, breeze through this list on how to best prepare before you go off-grid.

Map Out a Realistic Location

Possibly the most significant thing to think about before vanishing is your new location. There are many things to consider when relocating: taxes, climate, available resources, land requirements, and more. It would not serve you well to choose a location that you couldn’t adapt to—even if it’s off-grid.

Explore Financial Opportunities

Think about your professional career and whether you can carry it through in this new lifestyle. Take into full consideration your commute to work or if you’re going to be able to work from home and hook up Wi-Fi. A few other possibilities are utilizing your home or land as a means of income or ditching the nine-to-five to explore profitable hobbies and interests.

Consider Your Resources

It would be fair to say that not everyone vibes with an off-grid lifestyle. In terms of resources, you need to account for any land that is available for self-sustainability. And if you’re unsure about your green thumb, ensure your chosen location is fully equipped with the essentials to get you through.

Study Utility Setups

Depending on the housing you choose and the available resources, it would be worth the effort to look into off-grid solar batteries. Solar not only allows you to regenerate your resources but reduces the long-term costs of everyday utilities.

With so many things to research on how to best prepare before going off-grid, remember that the goal isn’t to overcomplicate simplified living. Don’t wait until you’re lost in the woods or desert to learn something frantically. Hopefully, this short list of preparation steps encourages you to begin now and make the best decision for you and your loved ones.

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Written by Logan Voss


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