How To Avoid Getting Sick When Traveling Overseas

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It’s always wonderful to set foot in a new country. You have an opportunity to try new things, experience new cultures, and taste new cuisines beyond your wildest dreams. However, one of the absolute worst things that can happen on an overseas trip is waking up after that first night and realizing your stomach is killing you. No one wants to enjoy new cultures from the comfort of a hotel room, so here are a few ways to avoid getting sick when traveling overseas.

Keep Your Hands Clean

You should always wash your hands regularly, but doubly so when traveling. Many people wash their hands after using the bathroom or before eating, but it’s a good idea to keep your hands as clean as possible. If you touch the wrong surface and then scratch that itchy nose, you might have just inhaled the germs that will ruin your entire trip.

It’s important to wash your hands frequently, and we recommend carrying hand sanitizer with you to eliminate germs. One of the perks of this tactic is that many sanitizers come in delightful scents.

Drink Fresh Water

When you travel to a new country, one of the main pieces of advice you get from people is “Don’t drink the water.” Even if the water isn’t particularly hazardous, water sources in different regions have different minerals and chemical deposits that your body may have difficulty digesting. However, it’s essential to stay hydrated, especially when traveling. There are many ways to safely drink water when traveling abroad, but we recommend sticking with bottled water whenever possible.

Take Probiotics Before Departure

One way to avoid getting sick when traveling overseas is to load your body up with bacteria. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that line your stomach wall and help protect your body from harmful things you may pick up from water or food overseas. Many probiotics are available at your local pharmacy and are worth taking before going on any big trips. We recommend doing a test run to ensure your body can handle them before you get on the plane.

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