How Is Auto Paint Different From House Paint?

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Not all paints are the same, and this is especially true of automotive paint. When you think about vehicles and what they endure on the road over time, it makes sense that they would have a different paint from house paint. Below, we’ll continue explaining how auto paint is different from house paint.

Auto Paint Is Specialized and Costly

Everyone knows that the automobile industry is raking in the money, and the prices for automobile parts and components in car dealing, making, and trading are all marked up. Automotive paint is expensive due its protective nature and specialties.

Automotive paints are unique, so the prices are much higher than other paints, such as house paint. Their special qualities and functions also determine what they are made of, and some ingredients tend to be more expensive than others.

Made To Last Under Stress

Cars go through rugged terrain and travel a lot of miles. They are constantly on the move and have to endure a lot of stress. Auto paint is durable, unlike house paints that sit in a basement or workshop for long periods and lack the components to withstand the elements. It will last an incredibly long time before it needs to be refinished, regardless of whether it faces the elements or the test of time.

Many Finishes To Choose From

The different types of auto paint have distinct properties and perform unique jobs. Vehicles with various levels of ruggedness require paint that can withstand tough conditions. The auto paint types include lacquer, acrylic, metallic, urethane, or water-based. Each can come in metallic, pearlescent, solid, and matte finish.

As you can see, auto paint differs from house paint based on different properties and specific jobs. Therefore, it has no choice but to be at a high-quality and expensive product.

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