Hit the Road with Five of the Best Road Trip Games

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Summer is the perfect time to pile into your car and trek across the country. Driving for long periods of time, however, can get boring very quickly. Spice up your next summer adventure and hit the road with five of the best road trip games. You can play these games with any number of people and they don’t require boards or cards to have a good time.

Would You Rather?

This game is a great way to bond with the other passengers in your car while you debate hilarious topics. Start the game by posing a question to the car, such as “Would you rather have forks or noodles as arms?” The other passengers in the car respond with their answers and everyone can dispute which option is better, and it often results in hilarious debates. You can also make this game a bit more serious to really get to know your fellow passengers; ask deeper questions, such as “Would you rather lose all your memories from birth until now or lose the ability to make any new memories?”

I Spy

I Spy is a classic and one of the best road trip games for younger passengers. The first player starts by giving one adjective to describe something they can see. For example, you can say “I spy with my little eye, something red.” The other players must then try to guess what the object is. You can limit the game to objects inside the car for an easier game or you can include things seen outside the car window for more of a challenge.

Fortunately, Unfortunately

The perfect game for optimists and pessimists alike, Fortunately, Unfortunately is a great way to flex your imagination on long car rides. One passenger begins the game with an optimistic statement, such as “Fortunately, we are almost at the Grand Canyon.” The next player then responds with a pessimistic statement that is related to the first statement, such as “Unfortunately, the Grand Canyon has flooded and turned into a giant swimming pool.” The game continues as players go back and forth with these statements until one player stumbles or makes a statement that doesn’t fit in with the story.

20 Questions

Another classic road trip game, 20 Questions is a fun guessing game that all passengers can take part in. One player thinks of something—either animal, vegetable, or mineral—and the other players try to guess what the first player thought of. Players may only ask yes or no questions and are limited to only 20 questions, which makes this a great game to use critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills.

Explain a Film Plot Badly

This game is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s fun nonetheless. To start, one person chooses the number of words that each passenger can use in their explanation. It’s more fun if the number is lower, so try to stay below ten words if possible. Then, each passenger takes a turn to describe a movie with the given number of words, while the other passengers try to guess. For example, “Singing nun babysits Austrian kids” would be The Sound of Music. If you stump all the other passengers, you get a point.

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