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Have 2 Weeks Free? These are the places you should be Traveling to

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Have 2 weeks free on the calendar? Don’t stay at home, start planning your trip to one of the locations on this list! Transform your vacation time into something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Bali, Indonesia

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Bali, Indonesia is one of the few places on earth that has everything. I didn’t think it was possible to surf a white-sand beach, hike through the monkey forest, and watch the Kecak Fire Dance atop breathtaking cliffs all in one day, but in Bali, this is the norm. In your two weeks, you can see the traditional rice paddies of Ubud and take a ride on the hair-raising Bali swing.

Experienced surfers will be thrilled by the number of top-notch surf spots nestled around the island and beginners can catch their first wave with a seasoned instructor. Spicy Indonesian food is inexpensive and abundant. And with endless historical festivals and shows to see around the island, you might never want to leave.

Sierra Leone

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This West African country is a great destination for people who look for a combination of nature, culture and relaxing. In the past few decades the country has seen the devastating effects of a civil war and the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak. As it is slowly getting back on its tourism feet you won’t meet the masses here. Whether you’re into culture, primates, island life, exploring one of the most pleasant African capitals or relaxing at a 5* beach resort, Sierra Leone offers it.

Utah National Parks

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Visiting the five National Parks of Utah is the ultimate road trip vacation. You can rent an RV and camp in the National Parks so you have easy access to all the trails and viewpoints. While all five parks could be visited within a week, a two week vacation allows you time to really explore the wonders of each National Park. Bucket list hikes include the Narrows in Zion, in Delicate Arch in Arches and Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands.

Cerro Gordo Ghost Town

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What better place to socially distance than an abandoned mining town tucked into the mountains of Sierra Nevada miles away from any other town. Surrounded by BLM land and bordering Death Valley National Park. No other inhabitants, other than the ghosts and they’re not known carriers.

Kullu and Manali, Himachal Pradesh

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Kullu and Manali is the famous hotspot for adventure and good times in the Himalayas. Picture hills covered with pine and deodar forest, sprawling apple orchards, and magical waterfalls. Listen to the Himalayan whistling thrush and the Green-winged ouzel make delightful music. Located along the Beas River, Kullu valley is the valley of gods and goddesses.

With many adventure opportunities from trekking to paragliding, the valley’s thrilling vibe is matched by the coolness of it’s the weather. Cool and dry summers make Kullu Manali a Himalayan Jewel and the best place to visit in Himachal.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

This product was recommended by Divya Bhatia from Indian travel store

Shimla the ‘queen of Hills’ is a haven for wanderers. Decorated with forests of pine, flowering rhododendron and tall cedars, Shimla’s scenery is what Ruskin Bond admires in his novels. The romantic weather is salubrious and generally cool round the year. Shimla is the best place to visit in India for heat-escaping vacationers. It offers blue skies, beautiful sunrise views across the Pir Panjal and Zanskar Mountain Range. In winters, one can see the best sunsets with the whole town transformed into a fairyland of white beauty.

Sangla Valley, India

This product was recommended by Divya Bhatia from Indian travel store

Sangla Valley is one of the prettiest valleys in India. With the gigantic Raldang peaks towering behind, Sangla is way more beautiful than dreams. It is the best place to visit in Himachal to experience it all…nature, culture and adventure. Sip hot tea or feast on Maggi or do nothing. Sangla embraces travelers with mesmerizing views and unforgettable moments of peace and happiness. The journey along with the forest scenery and the eternal snow peaks is very adventurous. Sangla in Himachal invites the thrill chasers and thrill riders. Do you dare venture on its winding bends?

Dharamshala, India

This product was recommended by Divya Bhatia from Indian travel store

Dharamshala, a dream hill station is a scenic, serene and spiritual place in the Himalayas. It is also home to the Dalai Lama. A must on any nature and peace lovers bucket list, it is the center of the Tibetan government in exile. Visit Dharamshala to escape the lethal routine of work life. The scenery of Mcleodganj presents sublime and delightful views of Kangra valley and Dhauladhar range that spread below as far as the eye can see.

Kasol, Parvati Valley

This product was recommended by Divya Bhatia from Indian travel store

In search of a secluded stay in the lap of the Himalayan Mountains? Visit Kasol. Solitude, sky gazing, wilderness, a night under the stars and warm campfire are what you want? Visit Kasol. Kasol is the perfect escape for wanderers. An hour’s detour from Bhuntar Kullu takes you to the wonderful Parvati Valley.

The magic valley stretches from Kasol up to the hot water springs of Manikaran and kheerganga. A favorite place of the international crowd, Kasol also serves as the base camp for a trek to Kheerganga and Tosh village. The vibrant hippie flavors of Kasol make it the most unique and the best place to visit in India.

Chandratal Lake, Spiti Valley

This product was recommended by Divya Bhatia from Indian travel store

Chandratal Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes located in India. The color of this Lake of the Moon changes shades from orange to blue to emerald green. The backdrops of green meadows stretch a carpet of wildflowers making Chandratal lake a piece of heaven. Located deep in the stellar Spiti Valley that hold safe ancient secrets. From, monasteries, lakes to barren moon landscape and lush green valley, a road trip to Spiti in India is something you just got to do. Because you gotta

Chitkul, India

This product was recommended by Divya Bhatia from Indian travel store

The best views come after the hardest climb. Chitkul, the last and highest village in the Baspa valley, is located at the edge of India-Tibet Border. Chitkul in scenic beauty is matchless. The backdrop of Kinner Kailash mountain range and the royal Kinnauri apples is unique to Chitkul. Get to experience a quiet, calm and peaceful way of life in Chitkul. Pick apples and dream under the clear blue skies. Typical of Indian Destinations, these too have a unique culture and cuisine and hols world within worlds, for you explore. Don’t miss out on these.


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Italy 🇮🇹 has been one of the first and hardest hit countries for coronavirus they seem to have hit their peak for the pandemic, and like China, will see a rapid fall of infections and will have had it controlled in the next number of weeks. As soon as they lift their travel restrictions, Italy will be open for business, just in time for their summer holidays. You may want to be quick to get in all the sights before the mad rush that will return.


This product was recommended by Gemma Tedaldi from The Travelling Tedaldi

Iceland is somewhere we have visited a couple of times and each time you leave wanting more. Most recently we spent our trip exploring what the Route 1 Ring Road has to offer and boy there’s a lot! You can easily spend 2 weeks just driving and stopping at every scenic viewpoint you find. From the ice capped mountains to the coastal fjords there is always something to see.


This product was recommended by Adrienne Sasson from Rubinsohn Travel

One of the most unique destinations in the world to visit and plenty to do within 2 weeks. This is the only destination in which you can mix 3 major spiritual experiences along with options for cultural encounters, adventure, foodies’ paradise (especially for vegetarians and vegans), wineries, and more. Where as Jerusalem holds most of the religious sites (with others spread throughout the country), don’t discount her nightlife or restaurants. For those who want to bring it up a notch a few nights in Israel’s award winning cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv is open 24/7.

The beauty of the Mediterranean Sea during the day, excellent shopping, museums and restaurants and nightlife, this city pleases the most particular traveler. Areas in the north offer adventure hiking, bike trails, ATVs, rafting and more. In the south in Eilat, the Red Sea offers superb diving, snorkling, and sailing. You can also cross the border to Jordan and visit Petra for the day. Israel offers something for every travel, from the most novice to the most experienced!

New Zealand

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This island nation has something for everyone. It’s small enough that two weeks is a decent amount of time to see the attractions that most matter to you. You can find glowworms in a river cave, hike a full day on Mount Doom, or visit some of the best interactive museums in the world, like Te Papa, which partners with WETA studios, the special effects team for movies such as Lord of the Rings. Two weeks makes it worth the travel time, and renting a car or campervan is extremely popular.

Sri Lanka

This product was recommended by Amy Alton from Out Chasing Stars

I spent 12 days traveling around Sri Lanka, and it was the perfect amount of time. We enjoyed a safari, spotting leopards, peacocks, and elephants. The highlands of Sri Lanka are home to one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. It’s extremely cheap to travel around the country and enjoy the curry dishes influenced by neighboring India. And Sri Lanka is steeped in ancient history; kings reigned, building fantastical temples (like the Sigiriya Rock Fortress) and Buddhists constructed dozens of stupas and religious sites all over the country.


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Vietnam is the best place to travel for two weeks because it’s just enough time to explore the country’s history, cities and unique sites. If you’re coming from the West, Vietnam is an especially cheap destination where your budget for two weeks will go far. You can learn about the Vietnam War at the numerous historic sites and museums, take a luxury cruise through Ha Long Bay, party all night long in nightclubs and dine on delicious Vietnamese food along the way.

Portugal’s Algarve Coast

This product was recommended by Susana Freire from Tridente Boat Trips

Portugal has been gaining relevance annually. The reason? In addition to excellent cuisine, it is one of the European destinations that can be both luxurious and economical at the same time. We have amazing tours and trails, cultural heritage, nature tourism, night life and of course, amazing beaches.


This product was recommended by Ruth Franklin from Secret Paradise

A paradise escape far away from the lockdown life of the world today. Safe environment – low COVID cases (19) and none transferred local to local. Escape on private catamaran tours, hire out a whole resort island. So much more however than the well known high end luxury resorts.

Travel local with a local guide and discover traditions and culture. Adventurers can experience diving, watersports, skydiving, paramotor Relax – white sandy beaches, calming spas, yoga retreats Combine resort stays with local island tours and stretch your budget and your imagination.

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