Hassle Free Travel To These Best Places With Toddlers

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Finding the perfect place to spend your family vacation can be a daunting task. So, when I come across kid-friendly destinations that I think are incredible finds I get super excited to share them. In the last few years we traveled a ton (48 trips total) and while each trip was amazing in its own unique way, here are the following 15 Best Places to Travel with Kids. Get ready to take notes, these places are an absolutely amazing adventure with kids.

Tips To Traveling With Toddlers?

There are so many great tips to traveling with kids and you can find them here. When traveling, I have found it best to plan in advance to the fullest extent possible. But most of all, enjoy the moment (I know easier said than done)! Caring for a toddler, I’ve found it’s near impossible to remain cool, calm and collected 100% of the time and to the extent I wish I could be. So next time you feel yourself getting out of sorts, just take a deep breath, remember where you are at, what you are doing, and why you are doing it.

Budget-Friendly Tips:

1. Check Groupon for activities, restaurants and hotel deals: Many places offer deals on Groupon. It’s a great way to save your wallet and be adventurous at the same time!

2. Select Hotels with Free Breakfast for many meals: Breakfast helps save money and allows you to pack a lunch.

3. Pack snacks and water to take with you: Most hotels have mini-fridges for storing snacks and water.

4. Shop in grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods: You will get local fresh and hard-to-find meals, snacks and drinks, plus you’ll save a ton of money.

5. Eat in restaurants: Limit eating out to only once per meal (some restaurants offer a filling breakfast for just a few bucks).

6. Plan Day Trips: Stay at your hotel, do what there is to do there OR take a short trip for the day.

7. Play in the pool: Water parks are a perfect place to cool off and play at the same time.

8. Get the local paper: Read them online or get the paper. Many editions are filled with inexpensive activities and events.

9. Research Port St Lucie, Florida Vacation Condos: Don’t just book a hotel, do a little research on the local area. You’ll find much more to do and see by doing this.

10. Bring your own toiletries: The hotel may charge for these. It’s also a great way to avoid germs.

11. Pack light: Overpack your clothes and underpack your bags. When we are on a trip for a week or more we tend to travel “out of season”. Meaning, we only take outfits that won’t be hard for us to loose weight or gain weight.

12. Check out Thrift Stores: Thrift stores are a great place to find deals on items you’ll need for your vacation. From swimsuits to snacks, you’ll be surprised what you can find!

13. Buy your beach chairs and toys at local shops, the beach, and/or online. Loved ones can give them as gifts or you can ask for them for Christmas.

14. Check out Theme Parks: Theme parks are a great way to keep kids entertained for a short period of time. We love Universal Studios, they will take you just as long as a 2hr movie but the fun you have will last a life time.

15. Don’t forget the sunscreen: Protect your toddler’s skin from getting burned or else you’ll know it the next day!

 I love the idea of traveling to foreign countries and experiencing their culture and language, it is truly fascinating. However, the idea of being in a place where they may not speak my language, or have my same customs and taste buds, makes me quite nervous.

Food is an important component to traveling, especially if you are a foodie like me. I like to try new foods and different drinks and the one thing that helps when traveling is if you’re staying in an area for more than 2 days. With that said with our family of 4 and our son being the youngest, we’ll be traveling to some awesome family-friendly locations. I have compiled a list of my 15 Best Places to Travel with Kids.

All of these areas have beautiful scenery, distinct culture, and of course, delicious food.

15 Common Sense Tips to Avoid Getting Lost:

1. Research the area: Where wearing a bathing suit all the time? Research the climate and season.

2. Wear sunscreen: This is a must, especially if you won’t be staying in a swimsuit all the time.

3. Invest in a great beach bag: You don’t want to be carrying a bunch of materials in your hands or a worn out bag.

4. Pack swimsuits and supplies you’ll need for the adventure: No matter where you’re vacationing you can always use a clean towel.

5. Plan a specific time to be in the water: So, you’re not running into an hourglass scenario.

6. Invest in gear: Have fun but be safe, invest in a good life vest for your toddler.

7. Remember your room number: You don’t want to get lost in the first place, but just in case.

8. Don’t forget your hotel address: Always save your favorite websites and email them to your phone.

9. Wear shoes: This is an obvious one, but it’s easy to lose track of time when you are swimming.

10. Walk with a buddy: If you’re traveling by yourself or with a child, always be with a family member, friend, or babysitter.

11. Keep your cash: Grab a small money belt for your cash, passport, and camera.

12. Respect other people’s items: Don’t touch random items people have on the table and keep your hands to yourself.

13. Organize: When traveling with toddlers it can be challenging to manage the chaos. It’s a good idea to put items in order that are the same, like bathing suits, snacks, and your hotel as you see the front desk.

14. Follow the rules: When you are visiting someone else’s country be respectful of their rules.

15. Have fun and smile: Smile, people are nice.

One of the best ways to save money, especially when traveling, is to plan your meals before you leave for your trip. If you plan on cooking in your house make sure you have all the necessary kitchen equipment you.

Check out thrift stores for great kitchenware and cooking books. Even if you’re not a good cook, it doesn’t hurt to learn and some books are even pretty funny to read.

Waste not, want not! If you have leftovers don’t throw them away you’ll want to use them as your dinner meal or the next day. You can also pack some or freeze them.

Give yourself one extra day before going back home. Remember you are away from home and when you come back everything will take some adjustment.

Budget Tips:

1. Let everyone bring something to the house: This will cut your grocery bill in half.

2. Use coupons: If your area has a coupon booklet make sure to look through it each week. Look online for coupons as well.

3. Get friends and family involved: Ask them to bring dinner or desserts.

4. Walk: Take a walk after dinner and bring a water bottle.

5. Cook from scratch: It takes a little longer, but it’s worth it and it tastes much better!

6. Cut out eating out: Unless it’s a special occasion or holiday.

7. Reserve funds for shopping: You will get everything you want in the area you are vacationing at even if it’s a local market.

8. Visit local grocery stores: You’ll find best hidden treasures there.

9. Bring dessert: There’s nothing wrong with bringing desserts for everyone to enjoy.

10. Cook daily: Plan a daily menu each night for your family.

11. Liking eating leftovers: Each meal should facilitate your meal for the next.

12. Get local paper: This is a great way to find new recipes and learn about the area.

13. Use freezer space: If you’re going on vacation, try to think of meals that can freeze well.

14. Limit takeout: Takeout is the worst! You will feel guilty afterwards, trust me.

15. Eat everything on your plate: You may feel full, but there are so many people who don’t have enough to eat.

Paris, France

This product was recommended by Jeremy Harrison from Hustle Life

I would love to take my kids to France for them to embrace a different culture. Experience what it’s like to live in another country and see things from their perspective. Seeing the Eiffel Tower, or the Mona Lisa would be a totally different experience from what they’re used to. And I’ll top it all up with a visit to Disneyland just to celebrate the kids in all of us. Your kids are amazing and should have a memorable time like this even once in their lifetime.

San Diego

This product was recommended by Brandon Foster from MySchoolSupplyLists

It has some really good tourist locations, including San Diego Zoo and Sea World, where your toddler will definitely enjoy a lot. This city has many entertaining and fun places, including the La Jolla Sea Caves, an aircraft carrier of the Second World War. If nothing else, you and your toddler can enjoy a walk in Balboa Park.

Latchi, Cyprus

This product was recommended by Sarah Cull from Life In Full Flavour

Cyprus is a great country to visit with toddlers as it offers wonderful weather, clean and safe beaches, and a general sense of being family friendly (if you stay away from the party towns). Latchi is a relaxed town with a pleasant harbour, home to a number of eateries and activities, while the nearby sand and shale beach is rarely crowded and provides a wonderful setting for a family day of fun.

Florida, USA

This product was recommended by Adrienne Carrie Hubbard from Hubbard Family Travels

It has amazing beaches in the gulf coast where you can enjoy a day on the beach with your baby, it has lots of unique and memorable activities to do with a toddler like: enjoying a day in Disneyland, experiencing the interactive children museum, or spending an afternoon in SeaWorld Orlando. Florida also has many greenspaces and parks for families with play areas for kids.

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Salt Lake City is very family-friendly. They feature two children’s museums that have sections designed specifically for toddlers to explore, learn, and have fun doing so. The zoo and aquarium are must-see destinations, both of which also have playgrounds for children to burn off energy. If you’re looking for a relaxing day, you can head to the Great Salt Lake with sand toys to let your child play on the beach.

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