H20 Conservation: 4 Tips to Help You Save Water

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Did you know that the average per capita use in the United States is 170 gallons per day? This is a lot more than Australia where it is 36 gallons per day. If you are looking to help the environment and save water and also save some money on your water bill, we are here to help you out. 

Read on to see how you, too, can help with water conservation. 

1. Shorter Showers

This might sound like common sense, but most people use five to ten gallons of water per minute when taking a shower. To conserve water, you can take shorter showers. You can also opt to take a more strategic shower. 

For example, while you are soaping up, you can turn the water off and then turn it back on to wash down and rinse off. Another option in the shower is to install shower heads that save water or that have flow restrictors. 

Using shower restrictors will help reduce the flow of the water to around three gallons per minute vs the average of five to ten. 

2. Check for Leaks

Take the time to check all of your toilets for any leaks. One way to test the toilets is by putting a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank. Wait a little bit to see if the coloring starts to appear in the bowl. 

If you start seeing the food coloring in the bowl without flushing, this means that you have a leak. Sometimes these tiny leaks will waste hundreds of gallons per day. 

Also, take the time to check all of your pipes and faucets to see if they have any leaks. 

3. Go Solar

A unique way to help conserve water is through the use of solar power. Panels do not require any water in order to obtain their energy or for cooling down. This is a big difference from power plants that need hundreds of gallons of water to cool down. 

If you are interested in making the switch to solar, we recommend contacting the top solar company around to ensure you have the right setup for your home. 

4. Be Mindful 

While you are brushing your teeth, there is no need to leave the water running. Before you brush turn on the water just to wet your brush and then turn it off while you wash your pearly whites. 

When it is time to shave your face or your legs, also turn the water off. Use just enough water to lather your skin, turn the water off while shaving, and then turn it back on to rinse off any leftover hair. 

Ready to Save Water?

We hope that our ideas above will help you in your mission to save water. You are going to not only save money on your next water bill, but you are also doing a good deed for the environment by being more mindful of your own water consumption. 

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