Fun Things To Do When Traveling the Mojave Desert

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Tucked into the lower southwest corner of the country rests one of the most adventurous and scenic spots for a wanderer to land, from city lights to desert nights. Let’s look at just a few fun things to do when traveling the Mojave Desert.

Explore Death Valley

One of the most fascinating places in the US to explore is Death Valley. The extraterrestrial views and historical features make this destination essential. Dante’s View landed a featured role in the popular Star Wars film, and some unexplained events have occurred in Death Valley through the years.

Rock Climb at Red Rock Canyon

The conservation area of Red Rock Canyon is right outside Las Vegas. You can hike, climb, or camp here, or there’s a scenic route loop for people who don’t want to get out of their vehicles. Red Rock Canyon is famous within the climber’s community, so remember to bring your shoes and helmet for a quick climb.

See the Joshua Tree Yuccas

You’ll encounter thousands upon thousands of yucca trees when you’re driving through the desert. That’s when you’ll know you’ve reached Joshua Tree National Forest. Thanks to a group of Mormons, the yucca-filled land and trees received the new name of Joshua Tree. The Mormons claim the trees’ arms remind them of Joshua’s arms as he viewed the Promised Land.

Visit Lake Mead

Lake Mead, featuring the historic Hoover Dam, is America’s largest artificial lake. The lake has nine access points and connects Nevada to Arizona. The area is so vast that there are many activities you can participate in, from hiking to tours to swimming.

The United States offers many tourist destinations in various climates. But if you’re looking for fun things to do when traveling the Mojave Desert, you’ll never fall short of adventure and awe.

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