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Fun Places that Students Highly Recommend for Traveling

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Students have had an excellent experience traveling to these locations – which are affordable but still provide loads of opportunity for fun and exploration. You’ll want to book your next trip after you take a look below!


This product was recommended by Rashaad I. from Eyes of Our Lives

The first place that I recommend for students to travel to is Cuba. With many vibrant cities like Havana, students have affordable options and easy access to nightlife, beaches, hotels, and all-inclusive resorts. Many students can often find cheap, last-minute deals to Cuba and travel with their friends to enjoy the beaches during daylight and the clubs at night. The second place I recommend for students to travel to is Thailand. While this might seem a bit exotic for some, the adventurous types of students will love exploring the culture of Thailand. Many will also love the fact that they can hop from island to island and integrate themselves with the locals. There is a ton of great food, affordable prices, and endless amounts of fun!

Arunachal Pradesh

This product was recommended by Nushy Rose from Parlia

This state in North Eastern India is ideal for adventurous students for whom the idea of braving wild jungle and Himalayan mountaintops sound exciting. With a very small tourist population, the location is great for anyone who has ever dreamed of being an explorer in the age of GPS. I’m suggesting here because I went as a student (seven years ago) and the experience changed my life. What was meant to be a six week trip into the extraordinary turned into a real passion. After returning to the UK, I changed my degree, undertook a Masters specialising in India, and became an expert in human development. I thank my lucky stars every day that I made the spontaneous decision to head over there as a gormless, solo travelling 20 year old!

Nashville, TN, USA

This product was recommended by Deja White from Breakroom Buddha

A top travel destination for students (especially college students) is Nashville, TN. Here’s why:

  1. The Nashville, TN area boasts 20 colleges! This means that the population tends to skew on the younger side.
  2. There’s a creative scene with lots of famous Instagram famous stops, and murals!
  3. The main downtown area is very vibrant, boasting lots of bars, restaurants, music venues, etc.
  4. There are endless food options. Not to mention famous foods and restaurants, which feature Hot Chicken and TN style BBQ
  5. The music/concert scene is undeniable. On any given day, you could walk into a free show, and possibly come face-to-face with the next Taylor Swift.


This product was recommended by Suzanne Brown from Mompowerment

It’s a beautiful country and the people are so friendly. It’s easy to travel around via train or bus. There are lots of things to explore, especially historic sites. It’s affordable, whether we’re talking getting there, hotels, food, the cost to go into sites, etc. We also felt really safe as well, which is a bonus for students (and their parents). If money weren’t an issue, another destination I would suggest is the United Kingdom.

London an incredibly interesting place. It’s one of the most international cities in the world where you can hear every language imaginable as you walk down the street and sample pretty much any type of food. It’s a great mix of history and all things modern with all sorts of options for both. Whether you want to see a play, hit the clubs, watch sports, go to a museum, or any other activity, you’ve likely got options to choose from. And, assuming you have time to travel around, there are all sorts of things to see and do in each of the countries on the main island: England, Wales, and Scotland. It’s easy to travel by train between towns and/or cities and, when in London, you can travel by underground or bus.

Bali, Indonesia

This product was recommended by Nancy Osoro from TravelNancy

Many students like to go around the beaches like Miami, Mexico, Bahamas, etc. Some of these places are kind of expensive and as we know most students and have money so they won’t experience much due to a tight budget. Unlike Bali, one of an exotic destination, with the unique culture it’s very affordable and there’s a lot to experience for less. Bali is very affordable for students because they can spend around $50 per day in luxurious accommodation which they can’t afford it in other places and spend less than $30 for food depends on a person but it’s still cheap.


This product was recommended by Rafael Parra from Homeschool Spanish Academy

Antigua has something for everyone. It’s a beautiful colonial town in Guatemala that serves as a hub to many of the natural wonders found in the country. Room and board are cheap if you want to stay at a hostel, but AirBnB’s and hotels are also a viable choice. You can visit and volunteer at locally-owned farms, there are tours of the many chapels and ruins, or you can be a part of the bustling and diverse night-life if you prefer. Prepare to meet people from all over the world and learn about Guatemala’s signature customer service and awesome breakfast foods! You can also buy artisan goods and good food in the local market that will make any student on a budget fall in love with the place. It’s not uncommon for people to fall in love with Antigua and stay there for years after the first visit (myself included), and that’s why I recommend it!


This product was recommended by Madeline Robson from Madeline Rae Away

Not only is it one of the cheapest cities I have ever been to in Europe, with a bed in a hostel dorm as cheap as $10 and beer as cheap as $1, it is full of historical WWII landmarks and has enough to keep you busy for days. It’s a great city to meet other backpackers, it has a booming nightlife, and you never have to worry about about “breaking the bank.” Looking for a cheap and delicious meal? Head to a Polish milkbar for a huge plate of pierogi!


This product was recommended by Taylor Randolph from The Travelling Souk

Peru is a short, cheap flight from the US and is only one hour ahead of Florida. This makes it the perfect destination for students to travel for a short Spring Break trip. Travelers don’t have to worry about wasting time adjusting to jet lag. Another great bonus for students is that Peru is a relatively cheap country. You can find excellent accommodations and delicious food/drinks for a fraction of the cost. But in addition to the logistics of Peru, it’s also an amazing destination. Peru has ample opportunities for backpacking and hiking, such as Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, and Colca Canyon.

There are also incredible cultural experiences like seeing the Nazca Lines, visiting Lake Titicaca, or cruising down the Amazon River. Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa are bustling and vibrant cities with great nightlife scenes that are sure to entertain. The natural beauty, authentic culture, and wonderful hospitality of Peru should put it at the top of any student travel bucket list.


This product was recommended by Ahmed Ali from Smith Thompson

I have lived my life in England and Cornwall is personally very close to my heart as this was the very first place I visited. For any student who is currently studying in the UK, visiting Cornwall is literally a no brainer. On the north coast of Cornwall, Bude offers sun, sea and abundant surf for students on a budget. If you are a beach-loving person, take a trip to Newquay beach, one of the best in the UK.

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