From London By Train- The Best Break Destinations

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It’s never be easier to reach your dream break location, simply hop on the train from London and pick one of these 12 great locations! You’re not even limited to the UK as Europe is also easily accessible from the capital by train. The possibilities are endless so take a look below to find your next train trip destination! 


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Margate’s half-mile sandy beach makes it a popular place to visit by train from London. Located on England’s south-east coast, the town is an eclectic mix of bohemian culture, historical sites, tasty restaurants and pubs, and classic English seaside attractions and a ‘bucket and spade’ beach. A trip to Margate is not complete without visiting Dreamland with its dizzying array of rides, including the Scenic Railway the oldest rollercoaster in Britain. And the mysterious Shell Grotto made from millions of shells along a 30-metre subterranean tunnel is another place not too be missed. The Turner Contemporary Gallery features work by local artists, and it’s where you can view the skies and light which inspired the famous English artist JMW Turner. Margate’s Old Town features a facade of stylish Georgian and Victorian buildings which form a backdrop against the Main Sands beach. It’s here, and the streets behind where you’ll find top-quality British, Italian, Asian and all manner of restaurants, and traditional English pubs. For many people, Margate’s famous Main Sands beach is the town’s main attraction. Grab your deckchair and relax on the half-mile arc of golden sand and go for a dip in the shallow sea. Only one and a half-hour by train from London St. Pancras (and slightly longer from London Victoria), Margate makes a perfect day out by train from London.

Windsor Castle

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It’s only a 50 minute train trip to the world famous 11th century Windsor Castle, which is still a fully operational royal residence. It’s hosted many famous royal weddings including the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The train takes you to Windsor & Eton Riverside train station and from there it’s just an easy 5-10 minute walk to the castle. There’s also lots of great markets and cafes to visit.


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A relaxing 2 hour train trip takes you to the birthplace of William Shakespeare. The centerpiece of this small quaint town is its beautiful river. Walk through the cobble stoned streets and visit the house in which William Shakespeare was born and grew up.


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Eastbourne could be the perfect train travel for you. At just over an hour travel away from London Victoria station, Eastbourne presents the beauty of a Brighton seafront, with the escapism of a small village getaway. Perfect for a day out on a warm summer (or cool autumn) day, you can treat yourself to a typical british chippy by the sea, with less worry of social distancing protocols than some of the more famous british beaches.


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The historic city of Bath is one of the most iconic tourist spots in the UK. Famed for its ancient Roman Baths as well as the majestic Bath Abbey, Pulteney Bridge, and countless spa retreats, the city is built on top of the only source of natural hot springs in England, which is why the ancient spas were built here. You can also stroll the Grade II listed Parade Garden and check out the grand Georgian townhouses on The Circus landmark route opposite the Royal Victoria Park. To top it off, why not indulge in luxurious spa treatment in the open rooftop glass and stone pool at the Thermae Bath Spa? From London, it’s very easy to get there and takes just 1 hour 20 minutes – depart from Paddington Station on the Great Western Railway heading to Swansea, and get off at Bath Spa.


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Why Bruges? Just over three hours by high speed train from London (including a quick platform switch in Brussels), Bruges is the distillation of all that is good about Belgium. Here you’ll find stunning medieval architecture, friendly folk, and enough beer and chocolate to sink the Titanic. It’s the sort of city where you feel instantly at home, and one where the best type of sightseeing is wandering the streets and stumbling across history and beauty. Indeed it’s difficult to think of a more picturesque city in all of Europe. Five reasonably-priced trains travel from London to Bruges every day. Combine this with the fact that the journey is about the length of a good movie, and Bruges becomes one of those weekend trips that can be planned on a Friday morning and executed on a Friday night!


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The history of the oldest town in England is fascinating. For fans of the painter John Constable, the village of Dedham and Dedham Vale, locations he depicted, are just a short distance away. I learned the true story behind the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme, and stayed in an ancient inn, the Red Lion.


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I highly recommend Edinburgh! You get direct trains from King’s Cross every half hour, and can get there in 4.5 hours. Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. You can explore the marvellous Castle, walk down the cobbled Royal Mile, explore Scottish art at the National Gallery, and see memorials to famous poets and writers dotted around the city. When you’ve had your fill of sightseeing, there are all the pubs in the Grassmarket area to chill out in. For a fun day out, you can take day tours too – visiting distilleries to see Scotch being made, or exploring the spectacular Highlands.

London St Pancras to Milan

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If you really want to make tour wonderful then consider Milan by Train from London. A high speed train Eurostar is ready to boom your trip from London to Paris. You can stay here to explore the beauty of Paris, and his famous scents. After that you can move from Paris to Zurich via TGV plus, Zurich is too beautiful land to make good memories with your partner, family or friends, and last you can go Zurich to Milan via there local train service. This will be your great journey of your life by train.

Fort William in the Scottish Highlands

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From London, you take a train at Euston railway station. It is approximately a 13-hour journey full of beautiful sceneries. Once you get to Fort Williams, you can enjoy forest trails. As an avid hiker, the trails are an absolute joy.


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An hour and a half away from the busy streets of London are the historic streets of Oxford. The cobbled sidewalks allow you to walk in the footsteps of great thinkers who attended the university, while the High Street allows for line-free shopping. Oxford feels like a distilled version of London, featuring adorable cafes with views of the Bodelain Library, and old bookshops you can get lost in. In fact, it holds the world’s longest bookshelves in the ground floor of Blackwells. If you’re looking for nature, head to the edges of the cities for walks through the famous Cotswalds or wander through the botanic gardens. Missing the Thames? Punt along the River Cherwell, but be careful not to get your paddle stuck! Oxford residents make the commute into London almost daily for work or shows. The rail systems have ensured constant trains between the cities all through the day, so there’s no need to cut your visit short.

London St Pancras to Prague

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From London St Pancras to Prague, a beautiful 2 day journey (approx). Travelling through rivers and getting the most of beautiful nature, this journey might prove to be a much needed reset after a time like this. Clearing your mind with the feels of nature and then reaching a place of historic beauty with amazing architecture and culture. Not to forget the eye catching locality, streets and shops.

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