Finding a House Sitting Service for Santa Monica

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About TrustedHousesitters

TrustedHousesitters is a global marketplace that is disrupting the pet care and travel industries. We connect a community of home and pet owners with sitters to solve a common two-sided problem – pet care and cost effective travel. Our “consumer SAAS” business model means that customers join for one annual fee. After that, sits take place as a trust-based, money-free exchange that sees owners enjoy worry-free travel while our sitters enjoy the company of pets and unlock a world of unique accommodation.

TrustedHousesitters launched in 2010 with one simple mission: to create an innovative approach to facilitating high quality pet care and ethical, authentic travel experiences at minimal cost. Since then, we have quickly grown into the only global community of its type, every day connecting thousands of home and pet owners with care-orientated sitters who will look after their home and pets in exchange for a place to stay.

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Why use TrustedHousesitters for House Sitting if you’re in Santa Monica?

There are two reasons why we connect potential sitters from Santa Monica, one being a local, dynamic and diverse community but the other being the costs. For homeowners, TrustedHousesitters is the only marketplace that can connect owners with great pet sitters at a discount rate, using verified profiles and employing the traditional single-task method of home care and travel. House sitters are the specialists of their day, needing accommodation on a case-by-case basis based on their mutually unique knowledge of their neighbourhood. We provide this for the extremely affordable local expense price.

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How TrustedHousesitters can help Santa Monica

Given just how isolated Santa Monica can be, a truer sense of community and connection can only be provided when someone is not charging, or perhaps charging very little, for their labour. TrustedHousesitters has the unique opportunity of connecting home and pet owners with excellent domestic and international sitters, from around the world who can happily take care of their pet(s) while allowing owners the freedom to explore and do house surfing, all in a caring, affordable and stress-free environment.

This offering is targeted for Santa Monica, but doesn’t have to be restricted to this city. There are more than 400 house sitters available in Santa Monica. The average cost is $59 a night for a standard family home. We aim to lift costs and offer customer-centric, work-from-home solutions to house sitting in a way that mixes genuine love, knowledge and experience of the neighbourhood. That means our sitters usually know the place rather than just travel on the tourist trail, and from experience, have been able to find a great balance of payment and fee during the sitter’s hours.

Get a local house sitter from Trustedhousesitters or learn more by clicking here.

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