Extreme Dodgems Driving Experience – Birmingham Review

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Extreme Dodgems Driving Experience – Birmingham Experience Overview:

Take part in two eight lap heats and a final during this awesome experience! Race on the oval circuit in race prepared 1300cc stock cars, including race day themed marshalls, commentators & trophies.

With trophies to be won and race commentators, this fantastic Extreme Dodgems driving day is real racing at its best! Thought of by many as the pinnacle of motorised activities, there are no half measures here; this is real motor racing in superb 1200cc saloon stock cars. With at least two highly competitive, adrenaline-pumping racing heats and a winner-takes-all championship final, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some high-octane excitement, and perhaps even go head-to-head with your friends!

Once you’ve been given a briefing, it’s time to get buckled up and begin the first of three practice laps. The Dodgems are equipped with roll cages and steel bumpers, ensuring that your racing experience is totally safe. This exhilarating day of racing consists of 2x 8-lap heats and a 8- lap final, with the proud winner to receive the trophy on the podium!

This really is a fantastic experience, ideal for birthdays, stag dos and office parties etc., whether you love motor sport or not! Racing has never been so extreme!

Review of the Extreme Dodgems Driving Experience – Birmingham:

Extreme Sports on the Oval Circuit; Birmingham Speedway.

I haven’t raced anything in years. Since I was a child, and my friend Anthony persuaded me to steal a go on his go-kart, before driving into a post at speed. We were both hospitalised, and I was banned from ever racing anything ever again. This experience was very different. This time the experience was in control.

We were shown around the track in a couple of go-karts, and then taken away to have a safety briefing. The briefing was all about the track, the speed, the bumps and the corners. They obviously explained that the track wasn’t a racetrack, but that didn’t stop me feeling like an F1 star! I think it was the talk of the corner markers, race commentators and the trophies that I had forgotten all about.

I don’t know much about other driving experiences to compare with, but this is a FANTASTIC experience. The cars are relatively old, so you don’t get towed away by the national speed limit, but they are brand new, and everything about the experience is first-rate.

We started with a practice session. Without collisions or mistakes, we were sent off to have a go. Each person has two goes at this. Careful driving, and negotiating the car through the corners gives the car time to react and go where you want it to. And off you go again. One problem is that the marshalls are continually crossing the track, so you need to be very wary when overtaking. And you need to make sure that you’re pointing in the right direction when you cross a corner. The marshalls were brilliant; they were very good at noticing when you went wrong. And when they did ‘blip the radar gun’ then it was right, if you started turning too sharply, you could tell that by the way the engine would spin up, and drop. That said, if you do spin up, it takes a while for the car to de-spin, so that was probably the most exciting thing to happen in the car.

Extreme Dodgems Driving Experience – Birmingham

Back in the lobby we collected our helmets and fire suits. Which needed to be added to our overalls. Looking a bit scary, we went off to watch the final race from the side of the track. There was a serious amount of crashes in that race. I’m not joking; I don’t know how people did it, I was wishing for an extra pair of hands and feet in my costume, but I don’t know how people managed.

The race itself is a cracker. There is plenty of racing to make the little group who were doing it between them, and the racing is really, really good. Everyone is meant to race for themselves, but I think between us all we stopped each other from getting to the finish line, or I’m sure a few of us would have had a shot at the final.

Overall the place was clean, organised, had good service, and there were plenty of people to make sure that the experience was great. I’m not telling you how good I was… I’m just saying, I think I missed the podium by about two car lengths.

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Written by Hassan Ahmed


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