Explore Iceland Even More In 2019 With These 4 New Travel Books

Know even more places to go on the land of ice and fire.

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Glaciers, volcanoes, not much people. Formed of mostly landmass left by many volcanic eruptions over many, many centuries, the country known as Iceland has the distinction of being located the most northward of any other European country.

Settled by Vikings around the 800’s, what was once a vast forestland was largely cut down, never to recover to it’s former glory. This makes even more impressive the reaming grassland valleys still found there that contrast beautifully with magnificent glacier and volcano sights. Being sparsely populated, Iceland truly lends itself for some spectacular road trips around its natural surroundings, trips you can plan out by reading these travel books.

#1 Frommer’s Iceland (Complete Guides) by Nicholas Gill

The Frommer’s Iceland (Complete Guides) by Nicholas Gill travel product recommended by Susan Stripling on Lifney.

It’s a comprehensive guide : the end-all be-all of lots of information about Iceland.

Learn more or buy here.

#2 Lonely Planet Iceland (Travel Guide)

The Lonely Planet Iceland (Travel Guide) travel product recommended by Susan Stripling on Lifney.

Very helpful in terms of finding information about small towns, extremely helpful when you’re actually there and driving around.

Learn more or buy here.

#3 Iceland With Kids by Eric Newman

The Iceland With Kids by Eric Newman travel product recommended by Eric Newman on Lifney.

This is a different kind of travel book. It’s the book I wish I had when planning my trip to Iceland. For the first time, families can have a thorough guide to help them plan an Iceland vacation. Iceland With Kids is a detailed book that will help travelers every step of the way. Reviewers say [T]his book is VERY thorough .. I can almost guarantee that this book will have a wealth of information for you, even if you’ve already planned your trip.

Learn more or buy here.

#4 22 Places You Absolutely Must See in Iceland by Jonas Moody

The 22 Places You Absolutely Must See in Iceland by Jonas Moody travel product recommended by Michele Sidorenkov on Lifney.

This book is a smaller, almost pocket sized picture book with incredible photos of Iceland along with the attraction name or city where the photo was taken. Because much of Iceland is photo driven, these gorgeous photos help you see what the sites will look like before you decide to go. I found this book while in Iceland 6 months ago and found that it helped with my trip!

Learn more or buy here.

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