Experts Tell us Which Tactical Boots You Should Buy

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This article showcases our top picks for the best tactical boots. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Galls 8 Side Zip Duty Boot

This product was recommended by Tommy from Vekhayn

Emergency medical technicians usually have to get through a ton of debris to get to some of the patients. That’s why these heavy tactical boots are required. Not only are the Galls 8 Side Zip Duty Boot incredibly tough, comfortable, but they’re super affordable at around $60. These won’t break the bank and they look great aswell, so you won’t be getting bullied by the other first responders on scene. All of my buddies use this everyday on the job and they love it, it doesn’t break the bank with the low wages EMS personnel get, and it get the job done.

Bates Men’s 8 Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot

This product was recommended by Praful Kharade from Planet Fish

I have compared and read most of the user reviews and As per my analysis, People said there is there was far too much room above my toes. It seems to have good ventilation for summer riding. It is Lightweight for all-day comfort and traction that makes us more comfortable to wear throughout the day. It also comes with full waterproof technology while still being breathable to keep your feet cool and comfortable longer and doesn’t make your foot sweaty. As per the user reviews, people said that the quality of this product is very good. It is always a great idea to choose a product considering all the various aspects and In my opinion, Its a great product that comes with some great features with quite a bit low price as compared to other products that make it a cost-effective product.

Danner Men, Tachyon 8 Duty Boots

This product was recommended by Alexandra Clare from Life is a Picnic

The Danner, Tachyon Duty Boots are awesome!! I wear them in garrison and in the field. They are incredibly light, and feel like you’re in a tennis shoe all day. They have held up incredibly well, despite being so lightweight, and are boots for the long term. Really good quality boot. Finally a boot that I can be comfortable running in and overall movement is amazing

Rocky S2V Predator Military Boot

This product was recommended by Muhammad Mateen Khan from PureVPN

Rocky S2V’s are well-known in the tactical gear community. S2V is your proven, basic tactical military boot. Rocky S2V Predator is made from a mix of leather and 1000D Cordura Nylon. If you’re not familiar with textile fabrics, 1000D Cordura resists tears, abrasions, and scuffs better than any other fabric of its kind. It’s the toughest nylon on the market – reinforced by triple-stitching everywhere. The fabric of the boot is PTFE-coated for flame resistance. Rocky S2Vs are approved for wear with all applicable OCP variations and are GSA/TAA compliant. S2V is Rocky’s S2V Sieve technology. It’s the drainage holes you can see on the sides of the boot. They increase water dispersal and breathability by 300% compared to other boots. The sieve system is built to circulate air in and push water out. This allows you to walk the boots dry quickly. This baby comes with Vibram soles. If you’re not familiar with Vibram soles – they’re the best rubber outsole you can get. A benchmark of quality that most high-end boots come with. The slip-resistant soles are also resistant to abrasions and oils.

Magnum Strike Force 8.0 Side Zip Waterproof Boots

This product was recommended by Lukas from Military 1st

Magnum Strike Force 8.0 Boots come with a waterproof and breathable membrane, fast-wicking lining and durable leather upper with hardwearing breathable mesh panels to keep feet dry throughout the day. Moreover, they feature Exogel ultimate ankle impact protection and padded collar, and high-traction Michelin outsole for maximum grip, ensuring security from whatever your mission throws at you. There are also compression moulded RECOIL midsole and M-P.A.C.T Response insole for maximum shock absorption and all-day support, and YKK side zip for easy access. Magnum Strike Force 8.0 tactical boots offer the ultimate all-over protection and comfort and are perfect for police, security and other uniform personnel, as well as paintball and airsoft enthusiasts.

Salomon Men’s Quest 4d 3 GTX Backpacking Boots

This product was recommended by Brian Connelly from My Open Country

Saloman Quest 4D GTX III is a terrific boot for all types of hiking. A midweight, light enough so that it won’t bog you down, while supportive enough to protect your feet from rocky and bumpy terrain. What I find most useful is its Gore-Tex waterproof liners, You can make your way through streams without getting wet feet.

Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tac Waterproof Military and Tactical Boot

This product was recommended by Marc Barnos from Boat Priority

As a man who spends a lot of time outdoors in all kinds of weather, and usually near or on the water – lakes, rivers, and the sea – I need something ultra-strong, comfortable, not too heavy, and waterproof. These fit my needs very well.

Under Armour Military Valsetz Men’s Tactical Boots

This product was recommended by Levi Li from

If you are looking for flexibility and relaxation, grab these Under Armour Military Valsetz Men’s Tactical Boots. Needless to say, these boots are pretty lightweight. It includes sufficient shock absorbers with excellent padding for feet particularly the heel and forefoot. Also, you’ll love the inner lining which is waterproof so, these boots are easily breathable to guard your feet from the buildup of bacteria. It is, undoubtedly, the top tactical boot out there if you’re a budget alert person and want robust support on the ankle.

Nike SFB Gen 2

This product was recommended by Lindsey Maxwell from Where You Make It

Nike has long been in the business of tactical boots. They started some years ago by adding the sole of their famed Nike Free running shoe to a tactical upper to create a more lightweight and movement friendly boot that had similar protection to the standard issue boots of our military. These boots are awesome because they come with an internal rock shield to prevent against puncturing, and the sole makes these boots incredibly easy to walk in. Highly recommend.

Danner Tachyon Boots

This product was recommended by Lindsey Maxwell from Where You Make It

Danner’s entire business is focused around boots. When they decided to make this boot, they took their knowledge as a boot maker and created a boot that I have come to love. The boots are lightweight, which is great for long hikes. I also crave breathability in the summer when temperatures start to rise, and these boots deliver. They are also made of a strong leather to make sure they stay durable, no matter what you put them through.

FREE SOLDIER Men’s Tactical Boots

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

These military tactical boots weigh about 1.54 lb, extremely lightweight. Won’t feel heavy and tired when wearing it. Breathable moisture-wicking lining keeps your feet dry. If you are hesitating to choose a size, please confirm your feet length with our size chart.

Manfen Women’s Hiking Boots

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Manfen Women’s Hiking Boots are integrated inserted EVA midsole, waterproof hiking boot features our lightweight, durable midsole for long-lasting comfort, superior cushioning. Rubber toe cap protection and rubber outsole for optimal trail grip. and technology can protect your feet. You will find it that a very aggressive sole to grab the rocks and give good traction.

CQR Men’s Military Tactical Boots

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

CQR Men’s Military Tactical Boots are constructed with a hint of military and law enforcement performance design. Ankle-high protection that wraps & supports the ankles. The extra smooth padded lining with Premium insoles for endless cushioning and comfort.

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