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Experts Tell us the Best Tactical Pen

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Tactical Pen. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

This product was recommended by Bertie Cowan from Effortless Outdoors

Gerber’s Impromptu Tactical pen is designed in collaboration with law enforcement and features a push-button mechanism that reveals an ink cartridge that can write in dry and wet weather, it features a tempered steel tip glass-breaker in case of a vehicle collision and you need to get out. I like that this pen is not bulky, fits my pockets without being an interference, and is quite comfortable to write with.

MTP-6 Multi-Tool Pen

This product was recommended by Brian Conghalie from My Open Country

Apart from being fully waterproof, virtually indestructible, and writes as well upside down as the right way up, it has a strong flashlight function great for writing lying in your tent at night, and a bottle opener! The impact end can break glass and other material easily – and be used in emergency situations. Great versatility – and all for three ounces!

6-in-1 Tactical Pen

This product was recommended by Steve Johnson from Boot Mood Foot

I’m a big fan of a product that has multiple uses. So one day, when I saw those on sale, I immediately bought one and had no regrets so far. Not only you got a smear-proof ink pen, but you also have a flashlight, a screwdriver, and a bottle opener. A must-have indeed!

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

This product was recommended by Steve Johnson from Boot Mood Foot

Here is another pen I would recommend that also has multiple purposes. Primarily as a pen, for self-defense, and as a window breaker. It is lightweight, heavy-duty, and durable.

Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2BK Tactical Screw Cap Pen

This product was recommended by Sherry Morgan from Petsolino

This tactical pen from Smith & Wesson is a 5.8 inch in overall length and actually weighs 1.4 ounces. Made of reliable t6061 aircraft aluminum and also offers quick and easy access with convenient pocket clips and screw-off tops which makes it ideal for everyday carry. This is what I carry all the time, going to work, doing groceries or when out on walks with my kids and our dogs. It is incredibly durable too, works what it’s supposed to do. This is seriously a well-build tactical pen, offers good concealed carry solution for anyone who wants to be safe without being too obvious you are carrying something for safety precautions.

Rebel Tactical Pen by Atomic Bear

This product was recommended by Brandon Wachs from Shark Eyes

I think everyone should carry a tactical pen in this day and age. You never know when you might end up in a sticky situation and need to defend yourself. Besides the obvious personal safety issues, they can break through glass should you ever end up trapped or need to rescue others. Unlike other bulky tactical pens, the Rebel model has a luxury feel and is stylish enough to use in the office as a regular writing tool. I gifted one to a female friend who now carries it in her purse and reports feeling much safer in the streets as a result. Lightweight yet robust, the Rebel is crafted with military-grade aluminum. It includes 2 ink refills and comes with a lifetime warranty! If you’re in the market for a tactical pen that does the job and looks pretty awesome, this may be just what you’re looking for.

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