Experts Tell Us the Best Outdoor Lights For Houses

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Outdoor Lights For Houses. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Hamilton Hills Flush Mount Modern Outdoor Wall

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from Clearsurance

These outdoor lights feature a sleek, modern design that fits a wide range of home styles. Its low profile keeps it from drawing attention to itself while complimenting a home’s architecture and character. The frosted glass provides diffused light that brightens the home’s exterior without glaring. Thanks to the waterproof design, this light can withstand weather extremes. Since it’s an LED, it’s energy efficient and rated to provide 50,000 hours of light. So, you shouldn’t worry about replacing this light often.Sometimes installation of outdoor lights can be a headache, but this wall sconce provides easy-to-read instructions and a simple design, making installation possible for even a beginner DIYer.

LALUZ Rectangle Porch Lights

This product was recommended by David Lee from Neutypechic

This rectangular wall fixture is perfect for any outdoor space. With clear glass and clean black edges, it gives off a very modern and sophisticated vibe. It’s made of anti-rust iron, which is excellent for any weather. It has a matte black finish that perfectly fits your exterior wall paint. This piece of art is so immaculate you can even use it inside.

Brightown Solar Pathway Lights

This product was recommended by David Lee from Neutypechic

Pathway lights are the latest trend in exterior design. And Brightown lights are as good as they come. These lights are solar-powered and charge during the day. At dusk, they turn on automatically, so your lawn is always lit. Moreover, they have sunflower shadow casting. So, even if you have a plain yard, it’ll give the ground a refreshing look. It’s cheap and effortless to install, so you don’t have anything to worry about.

Maggift 8 Lumens Solar Garden Lights

This product was recommended by Eleanor Turner from The Cheeky Panda

These classic, ambient garden lights are powered completely by solar energy and are super easy to install and use. They’re the perfect choice to light up your garden in the long term while saving on your electricity consumption. All you have to do is push the stake into the soil and leave it to the lights to switch on at dusk and switch off at dawn. Apart from being smart and efficient, they’re also affordable and weather-resistant. It’s easier now more than ever to have a gentle impact on the planet while still enjoying your luxuries. These lights are an excellent place to start.

BesLowe Store Outdoor Wall Light Fixtures

This product was recommended by Olivia Long from DroneGuru

A lot of older homes tend to have dated light fixtures outside, which most people don’t think about replacing. However, a more up to date style of light can really transform the look of a house before you even step inside. This specific model of light fixture is sleek, updated and will really make the outside of your home pop. You can use any type of light bulb you prefer, and these lights are also resistant to heat, strong weather and rain. This makes them perfect to last rough winters and really hot summers. These fixtures also have an open bottom which makes them easy to clean, and replace light bulbs. You don’t have to take the whole thing down to do so, which makes them convenient to have.

Cnchurou Dusk To Dawn Outdoor Lighting

This product was recommended by Chris Kowalski from Autopadre

Easy to install these motion and brightness sensor-activated lights will keep the four walls outside of your home, and your front and rear yards bathed in soft, warm light whenever anyone ventures outside between dusk and dawn. And best of all they’re completely weatherproof and as they’re made from brushed aluminum, they have a unique, realtor charm that will brighten up any home when darkness falls.

HMCITY Outdoor Solar Lights

This product was recommended by Jim Campbell from Honeymoon Goals

The HMCITY Solar Lights are a great option if you want to do away with batteries and still have a powerful security light. It has a smart motion sensor that turns on the light when someone walks past in the night, alerting you to any possible intruders.

WITHU Outdoor Wall Light

This product was recommended by Granger McCollough from Elite Patio Direct

I love the WITHU Outdoor Wall Light mainly because of its beautiful pattered design, but one feature that really stands out is the smart motion sensors, that will come on anytime someone walks past the light during the night. This makes it easier to get to the front door, and will alert you of anyone in your front garden.

Philips Hue Lucca Wall Light

This product was recommended by Kathleen Ahmmed from USCarJunker

Given that most households have become more automated than ever before, the Philips Hue Lucca Wall Light is a great option for those looking to give their home a smart home design. It comes with voice control abilities that make it highly-compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant. Furthermore, it offers motion lighting through its Welcome Home feature that automatically lights up your driveway or porch whenever it senses someone nearby. Also, instead of having to constantly ask your neighbours to turn on the lights when you are away on holiday, the Lucca is also capable of mimicking regular night light routines, which means that the home won’t have to look empty and can warn off any unwanted guests.

NOVOSTELLA Smart LED Flood Lights

This product was recommended by Aimee White from Keyboard Kings

If you want to protect your home all with the usability of a smart app, this is the product for you. While these flood lights are super bright and ideal for security purposes they can also be dimmed from the app and used for more casual purposes. The general function of the light is ideal being waterproof, compatible with Alexa as well as 100W. Having the accessibility of the app makes these ideal as if you were wary of an intruder it would only take a few taps on your screen to ward them off with a floodlight. Or simply if you aren’t a mobile person, this app accessibility is ideal to utilize these floodlights from inside your home.

Seaside Dusk to Dawn Motion Sensor Light

This product was recommended by Jen Stark from Happy DIY Home

This motion-controlled outdoor light features a smart-dim light sensor, making it simple to enter and exit the house at night or providing extra brightness if you’re hosting a get-together or family event. It’s not just an outdoor wall light that turns on at nightfall and off in the morning; it’s also an intimate companion who will accompany you at night.

Brightown Store 25ft Outdoor String Lights

This product was recommended by Serenge Daniel from True People Search Fast

The 25ft Outdoor String Lights should be perfect if you plan to illuminate your patio or garden. Each strand is 25 feet long and comprises 25 incandescent bulbs connected one foot apart. You can connect these 25 lights to a dimmer switch (not provided with the product) and create a serene environment. Double insulation ensures these lights withstand all-natural elements. Besides, this arrangement gives a vintage feel to your porch or terrace, making it look illuminated and beautiful.

Aootek New Solar Lights

This product was recommended by Serenge Daniel from True People Search Fast

These lights come as a pack of 120 LEDs with reflectors. They work in three operational modes. The security light mode detects motion at night when the sensor turns the light on and off for 15 seconds. The Permanent On mode, where the lights illuminate the area continuously, is the second option. Finally, the smart brightness control mode is the third operational mode, where the lights remain on throughout and become brighter when it senses motion. These LED lights work on rechargeable Li-ion batteries. They are weatherproof and perfect for outdoor security.

ZEGOLAER Dusk to Dawn Porch Lights

This product was recommended by Ann Doughan from Patioland

PREMIUM MATERIAL – This modern exterior wall light is crafted from black anti-rust die-cast aluminum with ribbed glass, which ensures the light’s sturdiness. At the same time, add a unique and elegant appearance to your home. -WATERPROOF&ANTI-RUST – Made of aluminum, the waterproof outside house light has no glue at the internal joints. It can withstand all weather, whether rain, snow, ultra high temperature, or low temperature, this kind of exterior wall lamp will never grow after many years of use, rust, or corrosion. -QUICK INSTALLATION – Easy installation and operation by using screws to fix on the wall. No need for an electrician

Nupostai Bright Solar Pathway Lights

This product was recommended by Abigail Richards from Tech President

These outdoor solar lights are made of high-quality outdoor ABS materials. They are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them malfunctioning when it’s raining. They are built with a solar panel and an 800mAh capacity battery so they can store enough energy to work for 13 hours. The bulbs come in different colors with the lamps having an adjustable height. With those things considered, this is truly one of the best outdoor lights in the market.

Enbrighten Seasons LED Warm White & Color Changing Café Lights

This product was recommended by Sharon Dylan from Management Help

These outdoor lights are made of acrylic bulbs in 16 different colors. They can be linked to each other so you can have a string of lights. It also comes with a parable long-range remote control which lets you control the light hues and effects from these acrylic light bulbs. The best thing about these outdoor light is that they are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime so you no longer have to buy another one.

Enbrighten Vintage LED Café Lights

This product was recommended by Sharon Sanders from Philadelphia Weekly

If you are looking into turning your patio into something that has a vintage atmosphere, then you have to get these outdoor lights. These acrylic light bulbs are impact resistant so they won’t easily break even if dropped or stepped on. They are also oil-rubbed with bronze shade, adding more vintage effect to these bulbs. The best thing about this is that they can be linked together so you can have a string of outdoor lights.

Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights

This product was recommended by Zach Larsen from Pineapple Money

Easily control your smart outdoor string lights with your phone. You can also have your lights on a schedule, so it is one less thing for you to worry about. They offer over 16 million different colors, and with the built-in mic, they can react in real time to the music you are playing.

Feiss Cotswold Lane Outdoor Wall Lantern

This product was recommended by Chenise Bhimull from ZFC Real Estate

Lanterns are a great accessory for your outdoor space. It gives a low voltage, warm, light, altering the vibe of the entire space. The beautiful black exterior with clear glass panels can give a contemporary look to your outdoor space. I would recommend this Feiss, Cotswold Lane Outdoor Patio Lighting Wall Lantern. It has a gorgeous black exterior, with 120watts lights. It is easy to clean as well.

Philips Hue Lily Outdoor Color Ambience Spotlight

This product was recommended by Mark Isaacs from Road To Coffee

Philips Hue is arguably the most versatile outdoor lighting system on the market as it allows you to change the color of individual bulbs just by manipulating an app. This particular model includes three matte black aluminum dot projectors with brackets for field mounting and spikes for ground mounting.

Signature Garden Premium Stainless Solar Garden Lights

This product was recommended by Laurice Constantine from Casadar

These Signature Garden solar-powered LED lights are great for placing in plant pots or lighting up pathways and walkways. Simply drive the height-adjustable spike into the ground, then place the lamp on top, and they are ready to use. Additionally, because they are solar-powered, they can be set up just about everywhere the sun shines because there is no messy wiring to deal with.

Kichler Ripley Outdoor Wall Light

This product was recommended by Jay Soni from Yorkshire Fabric Shop

A low-voltage, fairly bright type of safety and accent lighting known as outdoor wall lighting is primarily used to brighten and enhance navigation in little recessed sections of the yard where shadows lurk. They can be mounted on any vertical surface, including the inside of pergolas, stairwells, sunken seating spaces, swimming pools, and other low-lying areas.

VidaLite Modern LED Mount Spot Light

This product was recommended by Daniel Foley from Daniel Foley SEO

Spotlighting, also referred to as up-lighting or just landscape lighting, is a type of standard-voltage landscaping lighting used to shine upward in narrow, moderate- to high-intensity beams, typically to highlight a plant or decorative feature. To give towering trees or a lawn decoration a more statuesque appearance, you may position it at or above ground level beneath them.

Stonebriar Antique Metal Votive Candle Lantern

This product was recommended by Nely Mihaylova from Scooter Guide

To highlight decorative elements or architectural details on a short section of an outdoor wall, lanterns provide soft, low-voltage accent illumination. They’re frequently put in place close to the rear entrance to draw attention to an elaborate wreath on top, an arch, or a transom window. The majority of lanterns are semi-flush mounts, with an arm linked to a wall plate and an exterior made of glass and metal. Battery-operated tabletop lanterns, on the other hand, deliver the same amount of aesthetic intrigue while subtly illuminating objects that you may use when socializing outside, such as bowls of food, drinks, board games, and more. For nighttime lighting that is diffuse, glare-free, and doesn’t compete with other outdoor lighting fixtures, choose lanterns with translucent rather than clear glass coverings.

Hardoll Solar String Lights

This product was recommended by Dave Chester from Customcontrols

Outside lights are crucial for brightening up and highlighting the exterior architecture of your home or office. It is aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to have these lights. These lights light up the mood, whether it’s a festival or a party. Furthermore, these lights are environmentally friendly and require very little maintenance. Stylish and energy-efficient, these LED lights add a source of ambient lighting to your home or office.

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