Experts Tell Us the Best Backpacks For Traveling With Toddlers

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Backpack For Traveling With Toddlers. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

NOMATIC Travel Pack Backpack

This product was recommended by Gelen Revilla from Good Noise

The NOMATIC Backpack was designed for everyday use. It is made with durable waterproof materials and zippers. Starting at 20L and expanding to 24L this bag is slim but expands when you need to pack more. The versatile strap system allows you to go from backpack to briefcase carry for those times when you need to look more professional. Magnetic water bottle pockets, RFID safe storage, and hidden pockets, are just a few of the 20+ noteworthy features that make this backpack the most functional backpack ever! On top of being packed with incredible functionality, the NOMATIC Backpack has a sleek minimalist design and gives you confidence for your life on the move.

Thule Landmark Travel Backpack

This product was recommended by Bradford Cuthrell from Informed Camper

If you’re traveling with toddlers, you want a backpack that does it all, whether you’re flying across the country or going on a hike. We recommend the Thule Landmark Travel Backpack because it has an answer to most of your traveling needs, from stowing away your passports or other important items in its hidden CashStash pocket to tucking your laptop and tablet in a safe pouch. It’s designed with luggage-style organization, making it easy to get your kids’ items in and out of the backpack.

Deuter Junior Kids Backpack

This product was recommended by Bradford Cuthrell from Informed Camper

When you travel with your toddler, you may want a backpack for them to carry their own essential belongings and toys in. For that, we recommend the Deuter Junior Kids Backpack, which comes in an 18-liter size that’s perfect for both children and adults to carry. It’s rated extremely well by more than 800 customers, has a durable material for everyday use, and has a soft strap design to keep you or your child comfortable while wearing it. Plus, it has kid-friendly and safe buckles to ensure easy use by travelers of all ages.

The North Face Surge Backpack

This product was recommended by Bradford Cuthrell from Informed Camper

With near-perfect ratings from more than 1,500 customers and some of the highest quality materials, The North Face Surge Backpack is a top recommendation for those looking for a premium bag to help carry their belongings while traveling with their toddlers. It’s a high-end 28-liter backpack with The North Face’s iconic FlexVent technology that gives comfort and breathability to your back while you carry it. It also comes with nylon lining to help keep your items protected from the weather while traveling outdoors.

Vancropak Travel Backpack

This product was recommended by Scott Hasting from BetWorthy LLC

When you travel with a Toddler, you know that you have to have a big backpack. This travel backpack has a large capacity and is expandable up to 40L. This is very important as you can bring many clothes for your toddler as well as toys. It is built with a unique design that you can carry as a backpack, or hide the shoulder straps on the back and carry it as a hand-carry bag. It has separated compartments so you can easily organize the things too!

YOREPEK Backpack

This product was recommended by Craig Miller from Academia Labs LLC

This high-quality travel backpack has a 50L capacity and has 20 different pockets and 3 spacious main compartments. It has a USB port so you can charge your toddler’s electronic gadgets while traveling. It even has a three-dimensional ventilation design that helps in heat elimination and improves air convection. Overall, this is a useful backpack when traveling with toddlers.

Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack

This product was recommended by Jonathan Tian from Mobitrix

This backpack can be a bit small for the kids, but everyone prefers this due to its capacity to hold a maximum of 20 liters of water. Keeping aside the top-loading main pocket, with a zipper close and not a cinch close, the Osprey backpack has two front pockets along with two mesh side pockets. Moreover, there is also a shove-it pocket to stash a sweater. The mesh-covered back panel of the backpack offers extra support and airflow.

Columbia Baby Diaper Bag

This product was recommended by Martin Seeley from MattressNextDay

Toddlers have so many needs but bags limit things that we can carry. However, this diaper bag that looks more like a sporty bag offers different compartments for your various needs. It also has a bottle holder, pockets for pacifiers, and an ultra-safe wipe clean floor. The materials used in it, which is polyester and therma-Flect radiant barrier, also offer durability and protection from the sun. It is easy to carry and comfortable.

Skip Hop Toddler Leash and Harness Backpack

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

There are so many great toddler backpacks from the Skip Hop brand that we can’t get enough of them! If you want a lot of cute animal designs, then Skip Hop has what you want. A detachable leash comes with this toddler rein. It’s not the most sturdy, but it does the job when you need it and will grow with your child, leaving them with a backpack that’s a good size.

Munchkin Brica by-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

This is the best toddler backpack for parents who want their child to have a backpack that is very practical rather than just pretty. The harness on the backpack is fully adjustable, and the backpack itself is big enough to fit a few snacks, a sippy cup, and some other things that you need.

Vaschy Little Kids Backpacks

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

The Vaschy Backpacks range offers bags with an internal zipped pocket and an internal tablet pocket that accommodates up to A4 size tablets. They have water bottle pockets on the side and an extra chest strap for comfort. We love the extra-long zip pullers for little fingers and the water-resistant lining. Vaschy Little Kids comes in a rainbow of colors and designs.

Mommore Fashion Toddler Backpack

This product was recommended by Lynda Fairly from Numlooker

The Mommore Fashion Toddler Backpack is specially designed for traveling with toddlers. The main compartment of this bag is enough to carry or put kids-related stuff inside it. The bag is designed for small traveling. It is made up of oxford fabric that is easy to wash. It comes with an easy-to-attach leash to keep your baby secure and nearby you.

Nomatic Water Resistant Backpack

This product was recommended by Alina Clark from CocoDoc

Traveling with a toddler requires one to carry a lot of things, and this backpack can simply cover everything without bulging or snapping the straps. It comes with a lot of space for diapers, wipes, food and everything else that a toddler would need when travelling. This bag fits the bill for a travel backpack in almost everything. It’s big enough, yet still comfortable on your back. It’s also functional in every sense. That said, the main advantage held by this backpack over its competitors comes from its’s size. Literally put, the backpack can carry everything. While it has 20L of capacity on a good day, it can expand by 10 extra liters when you unzip the sides to let the bag expand. This allows you to cram more things, especially when you need to carry baby stuff.

Peak Design Travel Line Backpack

This product was recommended by George Mouratidis from New York Informer

As a travel expert living in New York, I bring more clothes to dress up myself when traveling just like when I dress up myself on a daily basis. That’s why it is very important for me to have a versatile traveling backpack that can fit all the clothes that I need. This is where I found the best backpack for me which is the Peak Design Travel Line Backpack which you can buy at Amazon. What I love about this bag is its expandable feature that can be 30L up to 45L. Its capacity can fit all your needs, which is also perfect to fit your toddler’s needs with this bag.

Miniture Waterproof Sport Backpack

This product was recommended by Alina Clark from CocoDoc

I love this little backpack so much I immediately bought a 2nd one in another color. My original intent was to use this pack while skiing to hold a water bottle, some camera gear, maybe some snacks, and as a way to carry my packable down jacket if it gets warm. I didn’t want/or need a huge pack for this and didn’t want to deal with a complicated pack on the lifts. This pack is the perfect weight – nice and light, but sturdy enough that it holds its shape.

Pipi Bear Diaper Bag Travel Backpack

This product was recommended by Stephen Curry from CocoSign

Because of its durability, this backpack is ideal for moms traveling with toddlers. This backpack, made of Oxford cloth and nylon fabric, is not only resistant to tears and deformation but is also waterproof. It is thus ideal for rainy days or taking your toddler to the beach. In terms of how the backpack feels on the parent, the shoulder straps are thickly padded to prevent shoulder pain or chafing. The back of the bag has padding to support the spine. You don’t have to waste time opening and closing extra compartments to find what you need because most of these pockets are in the same compartment.

Cosyland Diaper Bag Backpack

This product was recommended by Stephen Curry from CocoSign

If you’re looking for a low-cost, long-lasting backpack, this is the option for you. This backpack has one large main compartment and 14 total organizer pockets to hold all your toddler’s necessities without clogging the bag. It is made of a padded, waterproof, and tear-resistant material meant to last a long time, and it comes with wide, thick shoulder straps and optional handles to keep the bag from snapping. Most importantly, it comes with a USB charging cable, stroller straps, and an insulated bag to keep bottles warm.

Dinosaur Toddler Backpack

This product was recommended by Olivia Tan from CocoFax

This product will be the perfect match for you. The first thing you need to notice is the colors are stunning looking and a fantastic one. The backpack is cute and well-produced with good material. Your kids will be obsessed with this backpack!! It’s super high quality and adorable. You don’t even need to stress about this because it is cheap.

Travel Bug Toddler Harness Backpack

This product was recommended by Olivia Tan from CocoFax

This will be a Super adorable fit for your 14-month-old kids. they will not even mind it at all or think about how it looks. With this, kids will walk well and wants to walk rather than ride. This will be perfect for a trip to New Orleans.

Cute Bear Toddler Backpack

This product was recommended by Olivia Tan from CocoFax

If you have been looking for a backpack, I recommend this because you will love the backpack. It’s cute and handy; no more carrying your son’s bag; your kids will be able to carry it. And I promise you the quality will be better than you’re expecting! Easy to use straps. Good quality and very cute.

Naturally Kids Toddler Backpack

This product was recommended by Olivia Tan from CocoFax

The bag is well produced. The toy is adorable and fit. You can take it out and even replace it with another if you like. You can just buy it for your friend that just given birth to a baby and this will serve as a great gift.

JetKids by Stokke BedBox

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

It’s difficult to envision a list of family-friendly carry-on baggage that doesn’t include the BedBox from JetKids. This backpack may not have many functions, but it works well for families that need assistance moving about the airport. The JetKids by Stokke RideBox doesn’t have many inside amenities, but it does have a lot of room. The best aspect is that the bag’s top changes into a leg rest, allowing youngsters to snooze and play while flying.

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