Everything Elk: How Much Is an Elk Hunt?

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Did you know the elk has the loudest call of the deer family? It has a call with a frequency of 2 kilohertz and higher. To help you understand what that is, a child has a frequency of 0.3 kilohertz on average. 

This is the call many hunters look forward to hearing during hunting season this year. But hunters who don’t live near areas suitable for an elk hunt will need to travel to get their trophy. 

How much does the average elk hunt cost? We have compiled a list of prime hunting areas, as well as how much it will cost this hunting season. 

Montana Elk Hunting

Montana is a favorite destination for hunting. It is rich with thriving herds. Local who grow crops are interested in hunters coming to thin out the elk since they tend to destroy their crops. 

Most go for a guided hunt because of the comfort of an expert and the leadership they provide. In Montana, elk hunting with a guide costs the following, on average, depending on the company:

  • 7-day archery, $5,000/per person
  • 6-day rifle, $4,300/per person

The cost of a license ranges from $4-$10 for a conservation license (required by law), depending on your age. Then you are free to purchase the hunting license for anywhere from $307-$1,052, depending on the license you’re interested in and your age. 

Idaho Elk Hunting

Idaho elk hunting is historically on the lower end of the cost spectrum. The total cost of the hunt usually runs around $1,700-$2,000 on average. The costs for a non-resident calculated are:

  • License/tags
  • Fuel
  • Essential gear
  • Groceries
  • Meat processing/freezing (unless you can do it on your own)
  • Taxidermy (should you find a wall-worthy prize)

You might save some cash if you bring a hunting partner with you. They’re especially helpful when you’re successful. In the end, their help may prove more valuable than saving some of the expenses. 

North Dakota Hunting 

The non-resident cost for an elk hunting license in North Dakota will cost anywhere from $255-$600 for their Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation elk license raffle.

There are regulations and requirements in place for non-residents to apply for the lottery. Anyone born after 1961 must hold a hunter education certificate or an apprentice hunting license.

Unfortunately, it is not a guarantee that you will have a chance to hunt in North Dakota. But the opportunity to participate in elk hunting season draws many in, especially considering the significant cost break. 

Consider the Costs of an Elk Hunt

If you are searching for the perfect elk hunt, some of the best places to head to are in the northwest states.

It will cost you more to hunt with a guide in Montana than to hunt on your own. However, a guide reduces your risks and increases your chances of success. 

Idaho elk hunting is a fantastic way to go on a budget. You’ll have a great time without a whopping $5,000 bill in your hands. 

North Dakota is a hard one to break into. But if you ever do, you will have bragging rights as well as a better financial situation for the hunt.

For more on the costs of the elk hunt, come back and visit our blog. We are constantly updating it with your success in mind!

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