Essential Items You Need When Traveling to Mexico

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When traveling to any foreign country, it is important to be prepared and pack accordingly to avoid preventable disasters that could ruin your trip. Aside from the basics such as clothes and shoes, these are the main essential items you need when traveling to Mexico.

Passport and other forms of identification

Whether you’re traveling to Mexico by plane or car, a passport is the best possible form of identification. If you are traveling by plane, having a passport is a requirement. However, if you are traveling by car, there are several alternatives that you could use as valid identification instead. These include a passport card, an enhanced driver’s license, a SENTRI card, or a FAST card.

Health and travel insurance documents

Mexican medical facilities do not accept most U.S. insurance plans. Thus, if you get into an accident in Mexico, you could find yourself with a hefty hospital and bill that you must pay out of pocket. Even worse, if you are in a car accident that injures multiple people as well as your vehicle, the costs could be devastating. As such, investing in travel insurance such as health and auto insurance in Mexico is essential.

Water filtration device

It’s fairly common knowledge that the drinking water in Mexico can sometimes cause painful stomach aches or digestive issues. If you drink water outside of a resort, you run the risk of getting debilitating food poisoning that could ruin your trip. By bringing your own water filtration device, you’ll have access to clean drinking water wherever you are in case of an emergency.

First aid kit

If you get a minor injury when traveling, it is important to have the materials to clean and bandage it right away. By tending to the wound immediately, you’ll reduce its risk of infection which could turn a small cut into a serious medical issue. As such, you should always pack a first aid kit that includes antiseptics, sterile dressings, painkillers, and tweezers.

By packing these essential items you need when traveling to Mexico, you’ll increase your chances of having a safe and stress-free vacation.

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