Enjoy Your 20’s Through These Travel Destinations

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Our 20’s are an incredible time in your life. You’re old enough to be responsible, courageous, and knowledgeable, but young enough to have a sense of freedom and open-mindedness. Traveling is a great way to utilize this prime state of being and explore the world before settling down and starting a career or having a family.

For most travelers in their 20’s, money is a major obstacle for adventure. It’s rare for a young person to have substantial amounts of money saved, especially during or right after studying at university. This means luxurious getaways with five-star hotels and first-class flights are often out of the question.

Traveling In Your 20s?

How Adventurous Are you?

Things that are a luxury in North America for most are easy to come by in other places. For example, staying in hostels is much more affordable in Delhi or Krakow than in New York or Vancouver. Getting around is a breeze in parts of Europe where traveling by train is faster than traveling by car in North America.

Young people are vital to the travel industry. It’s your job to show your country to the world.

I remember my first trip to Asia in 2009. At the age of 20, I traveled through China and Thailand for two months with a couple of close friends. During my four week stay in China, I was able to travel across the country for roughly the same price I would pay for a few days of food in Vancouver. The trip was the most meaningful and formative experience I’ve had to date.

Just because there’s a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t see the world. That’s the beauty of travel – you’ll meet tons of people and see new things no matter what your budget is.

With that, here are the best places to travel in your 20’s.

One of the biggest costs of traveling Europe is definitely the food. Sure, you can opt for takeout and boxed meals, but you would be missing out on one of the best parts. Head down any sidewalk and you’ll find a market or hole-in-the-wall spot selling food. Taste the world and wear it off with a good book in a park.

My favorite places to travel in Europe is in the Balkan region of Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. The adventures are endless. You can take beautiful, remote hikes and trek over mountains, while cruising by stunning views along the coast. The countries have their own customs, cuisine and language.

If you have a little more money, you should try out the Balkans as well as neighboring countries like Turkey. It’s incredible to me that for a few months out of the year, less than $1,000 USD will get you to some of the most exotic locales in the world.


Countries within Asia are much cheaper than Europe, with average costs being about one-fifth of the price of Europe.

Aside from a few major cities, food is very cheap. Many shops and restaurants use plastic boxes and cups instead of real dishes and cutlery. This cuts down on costs tremendously.

Finding a place to sleep in Asia is incredibly cheap. Transportation is easy not to mention the vast amount of activities you can do for little to no money.

Pretty much every city in Southeast Asia offers an incredible amount of adventure for backpackers. From tuk-tuks, to elephant parks, to horseback riding, there’s something for everyone.

To get just into a cab for a day will cost a million times less than Europe.

North America

The United States of America is an incredibly beautiful country with wonderful people. North America can be a little more expensive than Europe and Asia, so keep those travel funds coming.

A good way to save money in North America is to live in cities with cheaper costs of living. Places like Portland and Austin are ideal. You can save money by cooking in your apartment, getting around by bicycle or walking and staying in hostels along with getting around beyond the city with their public transport systems.

There is so much to do and see in North America. You can go horseback riding with Native Americans in the Southwest, riding ATVs along cliffs and canyons in Utah, or go white water rafting along the Colorado River.

If you want to see something really majestic, go to Alaska. I can’t stress enough how much I love this place. It’s one of my favourite places in the world. You’ll spend roughly $1,500 to enter the country. Expect to pay a little more for transportation and accommodation.

South America

The continent is a little pricier than Asia and Europe, but if you prepare yourself right, you can have an amazing trip for the right amount of money.

Some costs that come up for South America is having to buy a tourist visa for each country you enter. This can range from $50 to $100 USD.

Space is an issue when it comes to hostels in South America. However, there are some relatively cheap places to

St Anton, Austria

This product was recommended by Jasper Cox from packed

This Austrian ski resort is the cream of the crop among European ski resorts and boasts arguably the world’s best après ski scene. Set in the Arlberg, the ski area connects with neighbouring Lech & Zurs (where Princess Diana once famously skied), combining into 300km of groomed piste, with a further 200km of marked yet ungroomed piste to test the more experienced. The combination of world famous après ski bars the Moosewirt and Krazy Kanguruh, that sit across the piste from each other just above the resort, is like no other. It’s argued that the Moosewirt sells more beer per square metre than anywhere else in the world.


This product was recommended by Joe Flanagan from 90s Fashion World

The city is full of hustle and bustle from American style burger bars to some of the worlds best dining, value entry pubs to the classiest champagne and cocktail bars and then you’re surrounded by natural beauty – lagoons, geysers, volcanos, waterfalls and – depending when you go – the chance to catch the Northern Lights. They love a 90s event too for a bonus memory – last year was the ‘We love the 90s’ show and this year they were planning for the Summer Solstice festival boasting some of the 90s biggest music hitters including Cypress Hill and TLC

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is like an international zone where tourists can meet people from all over the world in a fairly safe spot for business, bar hopping, or just incredible discussions about politics, economics, and history. The food is great, you’ll always have random meets with people you are unlikely to meet anywhere else, and the experiences are far beyond what you are likely to have in your home country.


This product was recommended by Willie Greer from The Product Analyst

Tuvalu is the least visited country in the world, meaning it’s one of the few places that remain unadulterated by commercialization. Also, it’s been predicted by scientists that Tuvalu is going to sink in the future, so you definitely should go before it’s swallowed by the sea. Aside from the long stretching beaches (which you would see on both sides of the road, by the way), you’ll find that the Tuvalu culture is amazing. They have this awe-inspiring sense of community where they all treat each other like family. They all eat together, invite each other over, and play together in beaches and fields. Tuvalu is really one of the places you can relax and experience the simple island life.


This product was recommended by Vivi Dahms from Adventure Your World

Mexico has it all, from Megacity to solitary beaches, whale sharks and bioluminescence. Mexico is rich in culture and there is something extraordinary to discover around each corner. Away from the party hot spots of Cancun & Cabos, Mexico offers incredible food that varies in each state. The people are very hospitable and soon become your friends. Plus if you are looking for the million dollar IG shot in Mexico you will find an abundance of mind blowing locations. Each of the so called “Pueblos Magicos” Magic Towns allows us as tourists to experience the real, raw & authentic Mexico! Offering the right combination of nature, adventure, party & culture for the best prize it is a must see in your 20s.

New Zealand

This product was recommended by Vivi Dahms from Adventure Your World

There is something Magical about this little country at the end of the world where nature, sheep & the hobbit are the main attractions. New Zealand will challenge you and help you grow as a person as you will for sure walk into unforeseen challenges that will only make you stronger. The best way to explore the magical islands is traveling via camper or doing work & travel. New Zealand is the place to visit in your 20s, let it shape who you are.


This product was recommended by Christine Wang from The Ski Girl

Prague has a lot to offer for travelers of all types. I backpacked through the region and was amazed at how well this city opened its doors and arms to visitors and tourists. It’s full of vibrant energy and the city is simply beautiful. The beer here is amazing and that creates a great nightlife and atmosphere that is hard to match. This is a top destination for anyone but younger people flock and thrive here.

The California Coast

This product was recommended by Christine Wang from The Ski Girl

The major cites of Los Angeles and San Francisco are well known and often visited but there is a lot of magic to be found in the vast expanses of coastline found in between the two. A trip up the Pacific Coast Highway is a perfect adventure in your 20s because of the amazing scenery and numerous places to camp and stay along the coast.

Lisbon, Portugal

This product was recommended by AnnMarie John from AnnMarie John

Portugal is very diverse, with much to see and do, and also one of the more budget-friendly European locations. It’s very tourist-friendly with many speaking English. You can stay in Lisbon or do a day trip to Porto. The food is incredible and once again affordable, there’s history on almost every corner, the weather is fantastic and the views are incredible from the hilltops. Lisbon is a walking city that makes it even more affordable but if you’d rather take public transportation or even Uber, that isn’t expensive either. I recommend using the tram or the train, but walking to your destination allows you to see more of the city.


This product was recommended by Keith Myers from TheHempire

With its amazing Buddhist temples, limestone cliffs, clear waters, great jungles, bustling cities, Thailand is full of diverse landscapes and humble locals. Thailand has the appearance and feel of an expensive vacation, but you can easily enjoy the same experience on a budget. Railay Beach would be a great start It can be located in the province of Krabi which is home for various beach destinations. The only way to reach the island is through a boat. The white sand beach and view gives you the best feeling of being one with nature. You can also try to go rock climbing on the enormous limestone cliffs. There are lots more destinations to choose from in Thailand.


This product was recommended by Keith Myers from TheHempire

This gem of South America is well known for its wonder of the ancient world, Machu Picchu. Peru is a large country with loads of things to offer, including the Amazon Rainforest, Andes Mountains, and countless beaches, forests, deserts, and small local villages. If you love adventure, you can try hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The price might be expensive through nice travel companies, however, you can also look for cheaper once through local hostel tour companies such as Loki Hostel or Millhouse Hostel.


This product was recommended by Keith Myers from TheHempire

There are lots of travelers that visit this country to explore the ancient temples of Siem Reap for a good reason. You can spend up to seven days walking through the massive stone structures that were built during the 12th Century. You can also watch the sunrise over Angkor wat and see the giant faces at the Bayon.


This product was recommended by Derek Lenze from Floating Authority

Tomorrowland is like a right of passage for any 20-30 year old that I recommend everyone does at least once in their life. I like to describe it as young people’s Disneyland because everyone there is very happy, friendly and full of enthusiasm. Tomorrowland is one of the world’s biggest EDM music festivals in the world and is well known within the EDM community. Even if EDM is not your type of thing there are still a ton of different experiences at the festival that will stick with you for the rest of your life such as meeting new people, trying different foods from around the world, and just dancing the night away.

Tomorrowland is like a giant “choose your own adventure” type of music festival that has over 7 stages including one giant football stadium-sized main stage. Throughout any time of the day, you will find a constant rotation of DJ’s on all of these stages playing until 2 am. If you are camping at Tomorrowland the find doesn’t just end there. Oftentimes people make their own raves on the campsite that can last until first light. I had such an amazing time last year that I bought tickets for next year’s Tomorrowland.

Yacht Week

This product was recommended by Derek Lenze from Floating Authority

Yachtweek is one of those once in a lifetime adventures that will stick with you forever. Yacht week has a lot of different routes that go throughout the Medditeran and the British Virgin Islands. In my journey, we did the newly created Dubrovnik route which exposes some beautiful Croatian coastline during the day and crazy after parties at night. Yacht Week is unique because it’s an event where you and your friends can rent a full boat with a skipper and sail with an armada of boats from people all over the world. You all get to know each other within this one week which can potentially form friendships that can last a lifetime.

Each day is different in Yachtweek as you go through a cycle of different activities. These activities range from enjoying summer days with summer drinks and floaties in the traditional Yacht formed circle to exploring traditional Croatian islands and having dinner at truly unique locations with your crew. At night the activities range from boat parties to custom nightclub experiences just for you and your fleet. I highly recommend anybody in their 20’s experience Yacht Week at least once in their lifetime.


This product was recommended by Derek Lenze from Floating Authority

Budapest was probably my favorite city in all of Europe. Not only was the atmosphere electric, but it also featured great vibes from people all over the world. The busiest and probably best time to come to Budapest is in early August. During this time two of the biggest events in Budapest happen, the Sziget Festival and the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Hungary. You do not have to go to these events to have a good time. Within the Jewish district of Budapest, you will find tons of clubs and restaurants all packed together within a few blocks.

Some of the stand out places include various outdoor patio style bars and of course the famous Szimpla Kert ruin bar. Szimpla Kert is unique because there are many dive bars compacted into one. As you go upstairs each room is more unique than the last and it’s almost like a giant adventure. It was our go-to bar almost every night in Budapest and we met a ton of new people from all over the world every night.


This product was recommended by Christina Vidal from Jetset Christina

Bali is the perfect place to travel in your twenties. Bali has a little bit of something for everyone – it has adventure, relaxation, natural beauty, amazing weather, beaches, a fun nightlife, and a one of a kind spiritual culture that incites many travelers to come from around the world to find themselves on the so-called Island of the Gods. It’s a choose your own adventure type of trip, and solo travelers, couples, and groups of friends will all fall in love with Bali, Indonesia.


This product was recommended by Daria Bachmann from The Discovery Nut

Poland is considered one of the most budget friendly countries in Europe. It’s much cheaper than many popular destinations in Western Europe such as Germany, Italy, France or Spain. This makes it a perfect destination for backpackers and young people in their 20s who often travel on a budget. Poland has many colorful cities with a lot of history and culture that are well worth your attention. The country boasts a great transportation network which includes trains, buses and planes. Getting around Poland is super easy and you can do it without spending a fortune.


This product was recommended by Abhishek Bade from Leamigo

Kasol is a hamlet in the district Kullu of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated in Parvati Valley, on the banks of the Parvati River, on the way between Bhuntar and Manikaran. It is located 30 km from Bhuntar and 3.5 km from Manikaran. I’m suggesting this place because this place is full of adventure and one can fulfill their adrenaline rush by visiting this place it has beautiful mountains and river where you can go for treaking and river rafting.

Ibiza, Spain

This product was recommended by Yina Reyes from My Nomad Tips

This island is a must. Not only because of its outstanding party scene but it’s beautiful Mediterranean beaches. Since it is not a big island you won’t be torn between sightseeing and enjoying the late-night Spanish “fiesta”. As soon as you set foot in Ibiza you start making long-lasting connections with people of the same age-range. It’s a perfect place to meet different people from around the world especially in the summer. And before you say it’s too expensive don’t worry! I thought the same thing. But Ibiza has different options for a budget getaway. Plus, who can say no to aquamarine beaches?

Kos, Greece

This product was recommended by Manny Hernandez from Embarky

Greece is one of the most historically significant places in the world. From literature to scientific thought to government, Greece has offered the world a lot. And while you are young and on a budget, you can soak up some of that history or soak up some sun on the lovely beaches of Kos. There is no better time than your 20’s to take advantage and explore all the world has to offer.

Bangkok, Thailand

This product was recommended by Muskaan Nanda from 365 Days of Gratitude

Thailand is fun, affordable, and has tons of activities year-round for every kind of interest. I traveled to Thailand last year at possibly the worst months and there was still so much to do there! Whether you’re interested in wild parties or spiritual treks, you’re a foodie or thrill-seeker, there’s something for everyone. I spent about 10 days total in Thailand, and I came out of the trip spending less than I would have eating out and sitting at home, so it was very affordable and I had the most amazing time exploring the city.

Los Angeles, California

This product was recommended by Muskaan Nanda from 365 Days of Gratitude

I live in Los Angeles, but I never get tired of going out. There is so much to see and do in LA and surrounding cities. Many bars and restaurants are constantly opening and closing just because it is so expensive to run a business in LA, but this gives many opportunities for residents to keep seeing something new around. You can live here for years and years and still go out and see something new opening up every few months, and if a restaurant or business is still around, there’s probably a reason for it. The nightlife in LA is bustling and people drive out hours to see what’s happening in LA, plus there’s always a chance to run into celebrities in Hollywood, which gets everyone looking their best.

Santander, Spain

This product was recommended by Sahara Rose De Vore from The Travel Coach Network

Santander is a gorgeous coastal city in northern Spain. It’s a great destination to visit in your 20’s because the city draws in a more youthful crowd due to its nightlife and hostels. There are many options for things to do ranging from boat tours, swimming at the stunning beaches, and wandering around on the insanely beautiful Peninsula de Magdalena which is home to wildlife including sea lions and penguins. The ever-so-popular hike of El Camino de Santiago is easily accessible in Santander and is a big attraction to people in their 20’s thanks to its transformative and spiritual nature.

Kyoto, Japan

This product was recommended by Sahara Rose De Vore from The Travel Coach Network

Kyoto, Japan is the perfect place for travelers in their 20’s to visit. You get an authentic sense of Japanese culture without the hustle and bustle of being in Tokyo. It’s important for people in their 20’s to be exposed to new ways of life, languages, and cultures. In your 20’s, it’s when you are learning about yourself and the life that you want to have. Experiencing a place like Kyoto allows you to be challenged and learn new skills like navigating with a very foreign language but at the same time it also is a well-organized and developed city that is very safe to travel to. The Kyoto market is one of the largest in the world and is an culinary experience that feeds your wanderlust soul.

Dublin, Ireland

This product was recommended by Sahara Rose De Vore from The Travel Coach Network

The very first country that I visited solo was Ireland at the age of 22. I couldn’t have chosen a more better country to start my worldly journey off in. Dublin is a very tourist-friendly and accessible city that is very inviting to travelers in their 20’s. There are pubs, great nightlife, and tons of new people to meet. Dublin is also a great starting point for exploring other parts of Ireland like the Cliffs of Moher or Belfast. Unlike many other European countries, Ireland is more budget-friendly. Traveling in Ireland is also less intimidating to English-speaking travelers who can easily navigate the country without worrying about a language barrier.

Sydney, Australia

This product was recommended by Sahara Rose De Vore from The Travel Coach Network

Although Sydney isn’t the most budget-friendly of a destination, it is still an excellent choice for travelers in their 20’s. This is one of the most attractive destinations for young travelers thanks to its beautiful weather and beaches. Knowing that you are in a city in a developed country that speaks English brings comfort and ease to many travelers in their 20’s who seek adventure yet familiarity. Surfing, animals, nightlife, shopping, and hostels, Sydney has it all! It’s also a great starting point to meet new friends, rent a car, and venture off throughout other parts of Australia. For those worrying about sticking to a budget can easily find WOOFing or other work-trade opportunities. Sydney is also a quick and affordable hop over to the island of Bali for those seeking a change in scenery and something a bit more budget-friendly!

Phuket, Thailand

This product was recommended by Sahara Rose De Vore from The Travel Coach Network

Although Thailand seems cliche for travelers in their 20’s because of its over-popularity, I believe that Phuket is a fantastic choice. Traveling to an under-developed or developing country can be intimidating and overwhelming for people in their 20’s who aren’t expert travelers yet. Thailand’s popularity gives people a sense of ease and accessibility because there are so many other travelers in the same age range to meet and explore with. Phuket is a more laid back location than Bangkok is.

Being essentially an island, Phuket is surrounded by beautiful beaches that aren’t as over-crowded as the touristy islands are. My most favorite part of Phuket is Old Town Phuket which has a very rustic and colonial feel with its cobble stone streets and colorful buildings. Thailand is a very budget-friendly place to travel to and it is easy for young travelers to meet new friends, get a great sense of culture and nature, and easily find affordable accommodations.

New Orleans

This product was recommended by Aleksandar Hrubenja from ModernGentlemen

One of the best places to visit in your 20s is New Orleans, home to some of the best music festivals and celebrations such as Mardi Gras, but also unique food. This quirky town is always live and the majority of events are free for visits. You can have fun all day and meet tourists from all around the world. Plus, New Orleans is famous for its beautiful architecture and authentic local places that you can easily access.

Sedona, AZ

This product was recommended by Jake & Emily from Two Roaming Souls

Sedona is a must-visit place in your 20’s. There are stunning views that surround you everywhere in this town and many amazing hikes to adventure on. Sedona quickly stole our hearts with its beauty and we ended up exploring it on a much deeper level. There are so many great hikes to choose from, making it hard to choose which one is the best. And there’s endless other fun activities and entertainment.


This product was recommended by Tom Crowe from Travel Food Atlas

For those who are starting out traveling, Taiwan can be a real eye-opening place to discover. Whilst much of the culture is very close to Chinese, it is a very autonomous region with many of its own unique customs and delicacies. The cuisine is one of the main reasons to visit since Taiwanese dishes can be exquisite yet suitable for Western palettes. This is not to mention some of the incredible nature, scenery and vibrant cities in Taiwan. Overall, Taiwan is a place to explore a vastly different culture without the chaos and danger of many other countries where you could have that experience.

Mumbai, India

This product was recommended by Tejas Nair from nair tejas

Your 20s is the best age to visit the Indian city of Mumbai where you can explore the local culture and food and get deeper into what the city can offer. The young blood in you will allow you to explore deeply without the fear of stomach upset (by the extremely spicy yet amazing street food). Your youth can fall in love with Bollywood, the world’s largest cinema industry, before you start dismissing it as loud mumbojumbo when you turn 35.

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

This product was recommended by Lizzy Gaona from Meeting Masters, Inc.

Skip crowded and overpriced Dubrovnik and rent a car and drive down to sunny and beautiful Montenegro instead. Find a day-sail company and spend your days exploring the Bay of Montenegro (Boka) from the water – the best way to see it. Sail between the towns and stop for lunch and drinks at the little restaurants and bars scattered along the bay that are often easiest to get to via the water. Bonus: combine this trip with a quick stop in Bosnia. Crossing borders is quick and easy with a car, plus a car will make your life easier while staying in the Boka region.

Albania Riviera

This product was recommended by Lizzy Gaona from Meeting Masters, Inc.

The Albania Riviera has a lot going for it: white sand beaches, crystal clear water, $5 carafes of wine, delicious food that is a mix of Italian and Greek-style dishes, laidback lifestyle, friendly people. Go! Now! Before it is overrun with tourists! The Albania Riveria isn’t the easiest to get to, but it is worth the effort. To get there, you can either fly into the Albania capital, Tirana, and then drive the 4-5 hours down to the riviera, but the quickest and easiest option is to combine the trip with Corfu, Greece and take the ferry from Corfu. Tip: rent a vespa to get around the riviera. You will be in complete awe of the beauty as you drive along the coast hopping from beach to beach.

Sri Lanka

This product was recommended by Amila Madhushanka from mysltravels

Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia. This island is warm, welcoming has good food and wonderful people. Traveler’s interests ranging from culinary to wildlife, culture, and adventure sports. There are so many lovely beaches to do water sports. You can do Jet Skiing, Banana boat ride, Windsurfing, Water Skiing, and Flyboarding in Bentota, Sri Lanka. Also you can do Paramotering to see the beauty of this little island from a bird eye. You can do surfing in Sri Lanka. Arugambay is the best place to surf. The surfing season in Arugam Bay begins in April and ends in October. You can do kitesurfing also in Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka has sat at the very top of the list of Asia’s best kiteboarding destinations. So I highly recommend visiting Sri Lanka in your 20’s.

Amalfi Coast

This product was recommended by Giada Filippetti Della Rocca from One Percent Italy

To fully live the Amalfi Coast you need loads of energy and curiosity, that’s why I think it’s a perfect fit for people in their twenties. Flying to Naples airport and then hiring a car is the best way to explore the coast and to take advantage of the beautiful views and landscape you can see during the route. I think it’s the perfect place for both a solo holiday (ranked among the safest places to travel solo) or a group holiday.

Taj Mahal, India

This product was recommended by Faizan Fahim from Bookaapi

Taj Mahal is one of the wonder of the World. No picture or video can even come near to show the real beauty of it. The Taj Mahal is a majestic display of love and an architectural marvel. If you, in any way in love with monuments, you will find the ultimate peace at this place. It is in India. The young adult is the best age to roam in India, as it is a crowded country with queues everywhere.

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