Discover Spain In 2019 Thanks to These Travel Books

Where and what to see when roaming the country of Spain.

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Bullfights, tapas, nightlife, amazing architecture. Boasting of having 50 providences and 7 autonomous regions where 5 languages are spoken regularly, Spain has truly embraced diversity a long time ago, even before diversity was even a thing.

Be witness of the unfinished, but still incredibly imposing La Sagrada Familia Cathedral, take flamenco lessons from Andalusian dancers, get your mind blown by the architectural madness of Park Güell, and enjoy eating tapas and drinking wine till your heart’s content at every stage of your journey.

Spaniards live up to their reputation of fun, party-loving people everywhere in the world, so their country makes sure to set the stage for it almost every place you go. Spain has vast things to explore for you, take advantages of the information offered by these travel books to help you successfully navigate the attractions the Kingdom of Spain has to offer.

#1 Barcelona Cult Recipes

The Barcelona Cult Recipes travel product recommended by Stephan Mitsch on Lifney.

The coast, the artwork, the bustling avenues and gothic lanes, the sheer joy of life: Barcelona Cult Recipes will transport you to Catalonia’s buzzing metropolis through its famed local dishes. Take a journey with Stephan Mitsch into this melting pot of cultures and savour 120 glorious authentic recipes of Catalan cuisine, from the rustic wine cellars, hidden kitchens and stylish tapas bars of this cult city.

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#2 Fodor’s Essential Spain 2019 by Fodor’s Travel Guides

The Fodor's Essential Spain 2019 by Fodor's Travel Guides travel product recommended by Gregor on Lifney.

This book brings to life the suggestions it makes with some great colour photos and concrete points. On top of this it gets supported with facts, history, tips and other great insights. The best part is that it does not only focus on Madrid and Barcelona but takes the reader to many hidden gems around Spain.

Learn more or buy here.

#3 Hemingway, Ernest: For Whom the Bell Tolls

The Hemingway, Ernest: For Whom the Bell Tolls travel product recommended by James Cobb on Lifney.

While not a travel book, per se, it’s a novel that can add a lot of depth and understanding to your travels in Spain, especially if you’re going to Barcelona or any of the other sites involved in the Spanish Civil War. The war had an indelible impact on the country and culture. For Whom The Bell Tolls puts a face on the conflict like no other work.

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#4 Don Quixote (Dover Thrift Editions) by Miguel de Cervantes

The Don Quixote (Dover Thrift Editions) by Miguel de Cervantes travel product recommended by James Cobb on Lifney.

If you’re headed for central Spain, the Don Quixote Museum in Ciudad Real is definitely worth checking out. Written in 1605, this novel influenced Western civilization profoundly. To get the most enjoyment possible out of the museum, it’s better to have read the novel beforehand. Dreamy idealist Don Quixote and his squire Sancho Panza are two of the most memorable characters in literature.

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#5 Spain’s Explorers in the Age of Discovery by Charles River Editors

The Spain’s Explorers in the Age of Discovery by Charles River Editors travel product recommended by James Cobb on Lifney.

A waiter in a small town in Extremadura pointed out a map of the world to me. Today, you only have to know two languages to see much of the world: Spanish and English, he said. Those men were truly great. The men he was referring to were the Spanish explorers. Spain’s towns of every size are full of monuments to their explorers. While the explorers who spread the Spanish language all around the world weren’t perfect, they were great as far as being good at what they did. Spain is a relatively small country. The map of the world today proves this point.

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