Different Types of Honeymoon Vacations to Consider

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When many people think of the word honeymoon, an image of a couple lounging on a white sand beach and sipping on tropical cocktails often comes to mind. Each couple is unique, though, and a traditional tropical honeymoon might not suit the individual styles of everyone. If you and your significant other need to decide what kind of honeymoon you want to go on, use this guide to the different types of honeymoon vacations.

Road trip honeymoon

After tying the knot, consider hitting the road and running away together on a romantic road trip honeymoon. Spontaneous couples will enjoy the freedom the road provides them. Get up and go wherever you want, rather than confining yourselves to schedules and plane tickets. Road trips require as little or as much planning as you lovebirds would like.

City honeymoon

Those that enjoy immersing themselves in different cultures and have a taste for the arts may enjoy a dreamy honeymoon in the city. Finding exciting ways to fill your days will be easy, as museums, shopping centers, theaters, and fine dining restaurants are prevalent. Cities such as New York, Paris, and Venice make for especially romantic city honeymoon destinations.

Tropical honeymoon

It’s a classic, so we have to add it to this list. A tropical honeymoon provides the perfect destination for those who want to spend their days relaxing and enjoying each other’s company amidst the stunning ocean’s backdrop. From sunset cruises to horseback riding on the beach, you’ll have so many incredibly romantic activities to do while on a tropical vacation. If you seek a tropical honeymoon, you can’t go wrong with honeymoon hotspots such as Hawaii, the Bahamas, or Mexico.

Winter wonderland honeymoon

Not everyone dreams of spending their honeymoon lounging on a beach. For those that aren’t bothered by the cold, a romantic winter retreat spent cuddling up together on a snowy mountain can make for an incredible honeymoon. Beautiful honeymoon destinations a little on the chilly side include Iceland, Switzerland, or Wyoming.

Staycation honeymoon

You don’t have to travel far to get into the romantic honeymoon spirit. To save money, consider planning a honeymoon close to home. Become a tourist in your own town, and enjoy experiencing activities that you typically wouldn’t think to do on a normal basis. Examples of fun staycation activities may include trying out a nice restaurant, visiting a resident museum, or attending a local festival.

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