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Data Reveals the Most Instagrammed Staycation Destinations

Photo by Kevin Schmid on Unsplash
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Safeguard have analysed UK tourism data and combined this with Instagram data to reveal the most instagrammed staycation destinations in the UK.

The Top 10 Most Instagrammed Staycation Destinations (number of posts in millions)
Rank Destination No. of posts
1. London 125.7m
2. Manchester 12.5m
3. Liverpool 10.4m
4. Edinburgh 7.7m
5. Birmingham 5.8m
6. Brighton/Hove 5.7m
7. Glasgow 5.7m
8. Bristol 4.7m
9. Leeds 4.3m
10. York 3.6m
Photo by Merch HÜSEY on Unsplash
Photo by Merch HÜSEY on Unsplash

See the full top 50 Instagram destinations here:

Safeguard also analysed 5 years of average daily weather data taken over 24 hour periods across the summer months June, July and August to uncover the staycation destinations with the best weather, just in time to inspire those last minute getaways! The findings have been displayed in a map which you can see here:

Staycation accommodation is definitely not like a luxury hotel rooms, so be prepared for anything unexpected and pack a sleeping bag in case the bed sheets are not up to your standards.

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