Coolest Truck Stops in the United States

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Road travel might be the best way to get from place to place during this time, but it can be taxing when you are driving for long periods of time. Because of this, you are bound to stop somewhere during your time spent traveling. That is where truck stops come in handy as you go from state to state. Here are some of the coolest truck stops in the United States that you should have on your radar along the way.  

Iowa 80 

Iowa 80 is near the small town of Walcott on the eastern side of the state and is the biggest truck stop in the world. At Iowa 80, you can find everything from a library to a gym, where casual drivers or long-haul truckers can stay healthy during a long trip.

Jubitz Truck Stop and Travel Center 

If you happen to be in Portland, Oregon, or traveling there, then you can stop at Jubitz Truck Stop and Travel Center. Jubitz is over 27 acres large with plenty of amenities similar to what is offered at Iowa 80 such as a barbershop and plenty of places to eat. Plus, it’s located right by the Portland International Airport.  

South of the Border 

Some truck stops can easily be mistaken for amusement parks, which can easily be the case for South of the Border in Hamer, South Carolina. There, you will find mini-golf courses, jungle gyms, and even a reptile lagoon. South of the Border is a great truck stop for kids, but you can also find plenty of stuff for truck drivers and adults at the location.

Pilot Flying J Travel Centers 

Pilot Flying J Travel Centers are among the coolest truck stops in the United States and not limited to one location in the country, either. At a Pilot Flying J Travel Center, you will find showers, many restaurant options, and more choices for your road trip pitstop.  

Truck stops offer a wonderful opportunity during a road trip to rejuvenate yourself.  More specifically, these fascinating truck stop destinations are the perfect stopping points during your trip to be more ready for the travel ahead and do some sight-seeing while you’re at it.  

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