Common Mistakes To Avoid When Visiting New York City

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With so many sights and sounds, New York City is an iconic destination that will dazzle you and your family. Before you take your trip, however, you should prepare to avoid committing blunders in the most populated city in the United States. Read below for some common mistakes to avoid when visiting New York City.

Eating Only at Chain Restaurants

After long-distance traveling, you’ll want to get a taste of the Big Apple and what its cuisine offers. So don’t limit yourself to eating at the same restaurant chains you can enjoy back home. Research what local eateries provide the best food, so you and your family can experience some truly memorable meals.

For example, why not visit Katz’s Delicatessen to enjoy its famous pastrami sandwich or a brisket sandwich roasted in gravy? Or how about going to Peter Luger for an evening with your partner to enjoy its porterhouse for two? You have many dining options in NYC, so don’t miss out!

Forgetting to Leave a Tip

Another common mistake to avoid when visiting New York City is forgetting to leave a tip. Although you may consider it optional, service workers appreciate it. When checking into your hotel, make sure you give your bellhop one to two dollars for each bag. If you go to a restaurant, give your waitstaff or bartender a tip that is 15–20 percent of your total bill. New York is an expensive city, making tipping service workers extra important.

Looking Like a Tourist

This one may seem hard since you will be a Big Apple visitor. However, try to avoid looking like a tourist in New York, as it will help you avoid the risk of scams or pickpockets. For example, if you need directions to get to a destination, use your phone instead of a physical map. In addition, don’t take too many photos, or you’ll make it obvious you’re a visitor.

Standing in the Middle of a Sidewalk

New York City is very busy, with tons of people flooding the sidewalks trying to get from one place to another. So, if you are walking on a sidewalk and need to stop to take in a sight, do not do it in the middle of the walkway. Instead, step off the inner or outer edge. Otherwise, you will make yourself an obstacle that locals must move around, which will probably annoy them.

With these tips, you will better prepare yourself for the exciting life of New York City. You and your family deserve to have a great time in the City That Never Sleeps, so do your best to ensure it goes smoothly. 

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