Cities with the Best Nightlife in the U.S.

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When you’re visiting new places, you have to experience a town at all hours of the day to truly say you’ve enjoyed it. It’s for this reason that, though there are thousands of fun daytime activities to do, some cities are known for coming to life after hours. Wake up night owls, and have some fun in these cities with the best nightlife in the U.S.

Las Vegas, Nevada

This city’s reputation as the ultimate adult playground is truly earned. With its glamorous lights and classy hotels, you can live in luxury as you bounce between nightclubs—living it up with every song, beat, and dance. The Las Vegas Strip is also home to several entertainment venues for visitors to enjoy a concert or acrobatic show. Fortunately, no matter who you are or where you’re from, this city has something for you to do.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Nightlife in New Orleans is among the best in the entire country. Its distinct identity knows how to attract and keep a crowd, making for a long night of fun. This is especially the case during Mardi Gras season, where people travel from various regions to partake in the rich southern culture. This area is also known for its diverse music scene that encourages every visitor to stop awhile and dance.

Miami Beach, Florida

If you want extravagance on your next trip, look no further than Ocean Drive along Miami Beach. After a long day of swimming along the shores, explore rooftop bars and enjoy the city lights. This location is home to various clubs, lounges, and restaurants that are sure to give you a taste of class and prestige.

Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City is a place with a rich background of music, art, and theater, making it a wonderful place to kick back and enjoy a show. More laid-back than most other city nights, the locals are often content with a stool and drink at their favorite bar. But for those looking for a more exciting time, check out some of the city’s rooftop lounges and energetic night clubs.

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