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Flying on a commercial jet is often a drag. You shuffle through security, carry luggage, que up in line after line only to cram into a rigid seat in a stuffy cabin. At its inception, flying was a treat that people looked forward to, but that was a lifetime ago. Even though everyday air travel is disappointing, one airline is working to make flying a luxury experience. Etihad Airlines is proud to offer the world’s most expensive flight, and for a tidy $38,000 anyone can travel like a Sultan from Abu Dhabi to New York.

Etihad Airlines is based in Abu Dhabi, one of the most opulent oil producing countries in the world. The airline broke their own record for expensive air travel, as this seat previously cost about $32,000. The enormous price tag is only for a one-way ticket, so getting home will cost double.

The luxury begins when a chauffeured car picks up the travelers for transport to the airport. Once there, guests may use a private check-in and lounge, VIP attaché, and a private concierge is available to make travel bookings. A car service is also waiting at the destination to take the customer where ever they desire, but these perks are only the beginning.

Billed as “flying reimagined,” The Residence is a 125 square foot, three-room private cabin that includes a bedroom with a double bed, a bathroom with a full-size shower, and a lounge room for up to two people. This is the only one of its kind offered by a commercial airline, and is only available on the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger plane.

The lounge has a 32 inch flat screen TV, a reclining leather double sofa, and two dining tables. All meals are customized prior to the flight to meet any dietary requirements and preferences. The personal butler serves the Michelin star meals on 24-carat gold flatware, porcelain dishes, and signature crystal glassware.

The butler will turn down your bed with fine linen from Pratesi of Italy, and you can take breakfast in bed to watch the news on a bed-side 27 inch television. The en suite bathroom also has all the amenities one could need in the event something is left at home. This flight is truly a luxury experience.

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