Best Weekend Getaways: Visiting New York City Suburbs

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There are nearly 19 million people packed into the New York City metropolitan area. Are you one of them? 

City life can be draining. But the good news is you don’t have to go far for some R&R. Short trips to New York City suburbs may be just the thing you need.

Want to know which suburban trips are worth it? Then keep reading for our top NYC suburbs to get away to this year. 


Yonkers is a suburb of New York City. Yonkers is considered one of the Rivertowns, which you can learn more about at Situated only 16 miles away from Lower Manhattan on the banks of the Hudson River, Yonkers is the definition of a quick getaway. 

When you visit Yonkers, don’t miss out on a visit to the Hudson River Museum. You can even visit your very own secret garden at Yonkers’ best-kept-secret — the Untermyer Gardens. 

East Hanover

The township of East Hanover is a relaxing retirement suburb in New Jersey. Don’t let its rural charm fool you — East Hanover is only a short 25-miles from Manhattan. 

East Hanover is home to multiple outdoor areas. Take a stroll at one of the many local parks or spend a day at the East Hanover golf course. And make sure to bring the right shoes for hiking at Troy Meadows Wetlands Preserve.


Jericho is one of the many NYC suburbs located on Long Island. So, you can expect some scenic waterfront views. It’s only a 26-mile drive from Lower Manhattan to this renowned suburban town. 

While you’re in Jericho, make sure to visit the famed Wesbury Music Fair theater. You’ll have to squeeze that in because, between trips to local shops and restaurants, you’ll have plenty of stuff to do. 


Yet another hamlet on Long Island, Syosset is a picturesque NYC suburb located in East Nassau County. It should be no surprise that Syosset is home to dozens of celebrities considering the town is only 30 miles from Manhattan. 

Syosset has all the waterfront activities you could want. It borders Oyster Bay and is a stone’s throw from Jones Beach. Jericho Turnpike is a must-visit since it’s home to a wide array of casual restaurants and luxury shopping. 


Stamford is a Connecticut city that offers a mix of suburban and urban living. This city marks the border between the Constitution State and New York State and is only 36 miles from Lower Manhattan.

Downtown Stamford will lead you to the docks of the Long Island Sound. You can take a boat out at night to see the city lights. And make sure to book a trip to Cove Island, which has some of the best beaches the Sound has to offer.

Plan Your Trip to One of These New York City Suburbs

These five New York City suburbs are perfect for a little respite. Make sure you plan your weekend trips ASAP to see everything these towns have to offer. 

Want to do more research before you choose your suburban getaway? You’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling for more articles like this one!

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