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Best Travel Bags for an Essential Oil Diffuser 2019

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If you love diffusing oils in your home or office, you have probably wished many times that you could take your diffuser with you on vacation or on work trips. Trying to pack a diffuser offers a variety of challenges. Oils can leak and the diffuser is fragile and needs extra protection to prevent it from breaking in transit. There is nothing worse than packing your diffuser and your oils for your trip, only to find that one or all of them have been broken in your suitcase.

Thankfully, there are now some great travel bag options for your essential oil diffuser on the market that will solve all of these problems! If you want to travel with your oil diffuser and have never been able to do so before, consider your problems solved by these clever travel bag styles.

Best Travel Bags for an Essential Oil Diffuser

Bags for essential oil diffusers come in various shapes, sizes and styles. Many allow you to carry oils safely alongside your diffuser. Some styles are utilitarian while others are made to be as beautiful as they are functional.

  1. 10- Bottle Bag: This style bag has enough padding to protect your smaller diffuser as well as 10 of your favorite oils. The bag is well-made and beautiful. There are many bags on the market in this style so it is important to make sure that the zipper is sturdy and the padding is sufficient to protect your diffuser. An added benefit to this style bag is that it has room for a power adapter to be kept in the case.
  2. Simple Zipper Bag: This style bag is very simple and allows room for a larger diffuser. You are able to carry varying numbers of oils in this style bag, which makes it a good fit for any type of travel that you are planning to do.
  3. Lunch-Box Style Bag: This style bag has room for everything you could ever want to bring with your diffuser as well as the diffuser itself. There is room for all the accessories for your diffuser and a large number of oils. An added benefit to this style bag is that the inserts can be mixed and matched and removed as you like.
  4. Purse-Style Bag: This pretty bag will hold as many oils and accessories as you might want to take with you and it offers a handy purse carrying style as well as purse pockets and styling. Clever pocket design protects your bag from spills and keeps your fragile diffuser and your oils from being damaged. This is the right bag to choose if you want to carry your oils and diffuser in style.

Traveling can be tiring and inconvenient but blends of essential oils and a diffuser can bring peace and relaxation to your travel. If you’re after an essential oil diffuser for home, our friends over at Fupping have put together an article on the best essential oil diffusers for homes. Being able to bring a little bit of home along with you can make work trips and vacation more comfortable and enjoyable than they ever have been.

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